About the Developer Network

Embaracdero Developer Network is the online community for software developers, built by software developers.

Embarcadero Developer Network is a Web-based community that allows software developers to gather, share stories, download software, purchase products, keep up with news, and improve their skills.

Embarcadero Developer Network is organized into natural constituent parts: communities, neighborhoods, and streets. The site comprises multiple Developer Tools and Database Tools Communities for Delphi, C++Builder, Delphi for PHP, Delphi Prism, InterBase, Blackfish SQL, JBuilder, J Optimizer, 3rdRail and TurboRuby, Change Manager, DBArtisan, ER/Studio, Performance Center, and Rapid SQL. Within each community are neighborhoods devoted to particular aspects of software and database development. Within neighborhoods are streets that cover topics in finer and finer detail.

Among Embarcadero Developer Network’s chief attractions is its content—a database comprising tens of thousands of technical articles, plus new articles added every day. Within communities, neighborhoods, and streets, the Developer Network offers in-depth programming tutorials and explanations of how software technology works—essential tools and insights to allow programmers to create applications with confidence.

Complementing the content are applications—Web-based tools and programs that support community activities.

  • Our blog server is where you can read the personal posts from many Embarcadero employees.
  • CodeCentral is your online repository to share source code examples, from snippets to complete projects.
  • QualityCentral is our public bug and feature request tracking system that links directly into the internal systems used by our R&D teams.
  • You can see and post events of interest to the global software development community with GetPublished. See Events on the Developer Network for more information.
  • Community TV features video files of tutorials and product demonstrations. Community Radio hosts talk shows, interviews and community chats.
  • Find your product registration keys and profile information using Member Services.
  • Use GetPublished where you'll be able to submit new articles and translations, update your submissions, and - depending on your permissions - participate in the community process by reviewing, editing and publishing articles by other community members.
  • Take part in threaded conversations and rate each article.
  • For more information on the Developer Network, see its Help section.

It’s a place created by programmers, for programmers…to celebrate the joy and challenge and exhilaration of programming.

It’s a place where programmers can speak their own language, sharing tales of the triumphs and tragedies that mark their days without meeting a blank stare.

It’s a place hundreds of thousands of programmers will come home to. Every day.

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