Embarcadero Database NewsFlash - March 2013 - EMEA Edition

By: Tim DelChiaro

Abstract: News and resources for database professionals from Embarcadero
News and resources for database professionals from Embarcadero
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March 2013 

Online Webinar
Learn How to: 
Fast Track to Data Governance Success with Embarcadero ER/Studio

For data professionals who need to take control of growing data volumes and provide reliable and relevant information for compliance and decision-making. Join Embarcadero and your regional experts for this one-hour session to learn how to create an Enterprise Information Map and Metadata Governance, key ingredients for effective Data Governance.

   Israel 1100 IST, Monday 18 March 2013 REGISTER NOW!
   Italy 1430 CET, Wednesday 20 March 2013 REGISTER NOW!
   Spain 1200 CET, Friday 22 March 2013 REGISTER NOW!
   Poland 1500 CET, Monday 25 March 2013 REGISTER NOW!
    Czech Republic, Slovakia 1400 CET, Tuesday 26 March 2013 REGISTER NOW!
   Turkey 1515 EEST, Thursday 11 April 2013 REGISTER NOW!
   Finland 1400 EEST, Thursday 11 April 2013 REGISTER NOW!
    Sweden, Norway 1000 CEST, Friday 12 April 2013 REGISTER NOW!
   Denmark 1115 CEST, Friday 12 April 2013 REGISTER NOW!

If your region does not have a specific session please register for the English language presentation on Thursday, 11 April 2013
   English 10:00 - 11:00 BST
11:00 - 12:00 CEST
Online Webinar
From Zero to Hero – Super-Charging Compliance and Reporting for Microsoft SSIS and Informatica PowerCenter  

When it comes to Microsoft SSIS and Informatica PowerCenter, time-efficient reporting and documentation creates HOURS of work for the data management professional. ER/Studio Data Lineage super-charges SSIS and PowerCenter compliance reporting and documentation features, cutting multi-hour tasks down to a few minutes.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013 1800 London
1900 Frankfurt/Paris/Stockholm
2000 Helsinki/Istanbul
Online Webinar
Simplifying Database Migrations with DB PowerStudio  

DB PowerStudio provides the assistance you need to make your migration projects smoother from planning to execution. See how you can immediately resolving mishaps, and diagnose performance problems in your new systems. Join and learn how to: easily facilitate migrations, recognise differences and validate performance with DB PowerStudio.

Thursday 14 March 2013 1800 London
1900 Frankfurt/Paris/Stockholm
2000 Helsinki/Istanbul
Online Webinar
Embarcadero Database Direct: Season 1  
Join us for the final episode in the current series:
  • Work in collaboration and share assets using the ER/Studio Repository
  • What is possible with the ER/Studio Macro facility
  • Introduction to the upcoming DB PowerStudio XE3.5
Tuesday 19 March 2013 1000 London
1100 Frankfurt/Paris/Stockholm
1200 Helsinki/Istanbul
Online Webinar
Back to the Future with Karen Morton: Oracle SQL Performance Firefighting using AWR  
Register for the webinar now to learn:
  • How to mine and analyze AWR data to review the SQL's performance over time
  • How to validate that the SQL is using the "good" execution plan
  • Tools to accelerate your analysis of AWR data and SQL code
Tuesday 26 March 2013 Session 1:
1400 London
1500 Frankfurt/Paris/Stockholm
1600 Helsinki/Istanbul 
1930 Bangalore
Session 2:
1800 London
1900 Frankfurt/Paris/Stockholm
2000 Helsinki/Istanbul
Online Webinar
Universal Data Models for ER/Studio with Len Silverston  

ER/Studio Universal Data Models help data professionals reduce development time, improve consistency and standardisation while achieving high quality models. 

Please join Embarcadero for this one hour session and hear from Len Silverston about how UDMs provide the following benefits and more...

  • Support evolving demands for business information, quickly and accurately
  • Ensure continuously high performing data models with low risk of error
  • Communicate and collaborate best practice data modeling throughout an organization
Thursday 04 April 2013 1600 London
1700 Frankfurt/Paris/Stockholm
1800 Helsinki/Istanbul
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