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By: Yorai Aminov

Abstract: Read about the new features in GetPublished, BDN’s content management interface

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The Borland Developer Network (BDN) web site is a dynamic content site targeting developers using Borland tools. The site is designed as an online community, allowing developers to share their knowledge, and communicate with each other and with Borland. The new version of the site, “BDN 2,” is built using the latest Borland tools and technologies.

GetPublished (https://gp.borland.com) is the site’s content management interface. It allows community members to submit articles, and implements a community process for submitting, reviewing, and publishing content.

What’s New

GetPublished 2 includes many new features designed to make the publishing process easier and faster for all involved parties. Some of the highlights of this new version include:

  • Multi-lingual content – BDN and GetPublished now support content in multiple languages. Articles can be translated, and all translations of an article are linked together. Community members can post new content or translations to existing articles.
  • Full Unicode support – to support multiple languages, BDN is now fully Unicode-enabled.
  • Rich content submission – Document Adapters are a new component of BDN, accepting content in multiple formats and converting it to standard HTML. Current adapters allow submitting articles in Microsoft Word native format, as well as in HTML format.
  • Automatic document processing – the Document Adapters automatically extract embedded images, create thumbnails, generate a table of contents, create a printer-friendly version of the article, and extract keywords.
  • Multiple versions – GetPublished now allows authors to edit draft versions of their articles, even while the article is live. Modifying an article no longer removes it from the public site, but instead saves the changes as a separate version.
  • Electronic signatures and agreements – the new Digital Signatures application allows authors to sign BDN’s warranty of originality agreement electronically. GetPublished allows users to electronically submit tax forms, which are required for receiving any payments for articles.
  • Community process – GetPublished implements a community process similar to that used for QualityCentral, but this community process is for submitting, reviewing, and publishing content. Users can be granted roles that allow them to access unpublished content, modify existing content, or even publish new content if that content is being submitted for publication with a charge. If content is being submitted with a request for payment, the payment amount must first be agreed upon before a publisher is allowed to make an article live.
  • Author management – each author is assigned a unique author record, which is linked to the BDN membership account. This allows community members to change their account information (such as their e-mail address) without losing access to their articles. Users can update their personal information directly from the GetPublished interface.
  • Status indication – authors can now view their article’s current status and visibility.
  • Alerts and notifications – the GetPublished home page displays personalized alerts and notifications, based on the status of submitted articles and the content of the author record.
  • Personal landing pages – GetPublished provides several personal landing pages, displaying information and items for the logged-on user, including “My Articles,” “My Information,” “My Tax Forms,” and “My Missing Warranties.”
  • Preview support – GetPublished and BDN now allow authors to preview their articles before they are published.

We’re Listening

Several issues with the previous GetPublished interface have been reported in QualityCentral, and are now fixed, such as:

  • 8667: Indicator of visibility and status of the article
  • 8668: Link articles to an account ID
  • 8673: Preview button from edit panel
  • 8674: Make editor HTML enabled
  • 11248: Community mapping is hosed

You can report issues with the new interface or suggest additional features on QualityCentral’s GetPublished area.

Published on: 5/12/2006 12:00:00 AM

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