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By: John Kaster

Abstract: Read a brief introduction to the new version of the Borland Developer Network

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Everything old is new again

Welcome to the new version of the Borland Developer Network. At first glance, you won't see much difference between the old implementation of BDN and the new one. This is intentional. Wherever possible, we have retained the functionality of the old version. The content is still available, and all important URLs to the content should still work the same way, although BDN2 does support much cleaner and intuitive URLs than BDN1 did.

While the surface looks very similar, the back end is totally different. The previous implementation of BDN was StoryServer and Oracle. The current implementation is Delphi 2006 using ASP.NET 1.1, and Microsoft SQL Server. (We will eventually move to InterBase 8 when full Unicode support is available.)

Nearly there

We don't quite have 100% of the key features required for this next generation of BDN, but we have left the old BDN implementation in place. If there is something you're looking for but you can't seem to find it on BDN2, you can get to BDN 1 at https://bdn1.borland.com.

Features that are still only on BDN version 1 are:

  • All the BorCon content. We have links from BDN2 directly to the relevant bdn1 links, so you should be able to get to that content by going to the main BDN navigation system under "more resources", or by going directly to https://bdn1.borland.com/borcon/.
  • Some user account management options.

There are some cosmetic issues right now, which we will resolve as soon as possible. Any missing key features will be put on BDN 2 within the next two weeks.

New features

This is just a brief introduction to some of the new features you'll notice. There are other features we'll reveal and document in more detail after we finish the outstanding items listed above.

Global content support

BDN 2 supports content in a variety of languages, and also supports translations for articles. (More on this in future documents.)

The top-level navigation system on BDN is now localized. You can select a preferred language for navigation by using a URL, or (in the future) by setting your language preferences in your user account. When you have selected a preferred language other than English, BDN will provide content to you in that language first, if content is available for that language preference.

The languages currently supported by the navigation system and content management system are:

Brasilian Portuguese


Simplified Chinese




(American) English










Traditional Chinese


Inline Comments

At the bottom of every article page, the latest 10 comments (or less than 10) appear in a summary view. To view the full text of the comment, you can put your mouse cursor over the summary. If you don't want to see the comments for the article, you can collapse the entire section by clicking on the "Collapse Section" icon to the left of the Latest Comments text.

You can reply directly to specific comments from the summaries, or click on the links to view all comments, or add a new comment.

More content by this author

For every article that has a byline, there is now a link to other content by that author. If you find an author you like, you can easily see other content available on BDN that was submitted by the same author. Today this works only with BDN articles. We will enhance this support to also include CodeCentral listings, QualityCentral reports, and so on.

Publication Dates

The publication date for every article has re-appeared at the bottom of the article page.

New and improved GetPublished

The GetPublished system has been completely rewritten. The new content submission system makes it as easy as possible to post articles with rich content to a web site. You can simply use your favorite word processor, save the document in a Microsoft Word-compatible format, and upload it. (We also still support HTML, of course.) Our document adapter technology will transform it into an easy to read, use, and navigate HTML document. You don't even need to worry about doing thumbnails for large images, or creating a table of contents. Just submit content with different heading levels and the original size images, and we'll create the table of content and thumbnail images with links to larger articles for you.

There is far more to GetPublished, including a new community process similar to QualityCentral's that allows the Developer Network community to have greater influence for getting content posted quickly. See What's New in GetPublished for more information.

Server information

At the bottom of every BDN page the machine name of the server providing that browser request is listed.

Tell us what you think

Please let us know about any problems you find, or additional features you would like to see. Use the QualityCentral area for the BDN web site for any bug reports or feature requests.

Thank you for your patronage. I hope the new features on BDN are making it more valuable to you.

Published on: 5/13/2006 10:02:11 PM

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