Public beta: Quality Central browser client

By: John Kaster

Abstract: The QualityCentral web client public beta has started. You are welcome to participate.

The beta has begun!

The public beta of the browser interface to QualityCentral (QC) is now live. This beta of the web client (WC) is focused on functionality, browser compatibility, and ease of use.

Please keep in mind this is a beta. There will be things you will notice that you will not like. Please focus on providing constructive criticism and detailed suggestions, and use QualityCentral to report the issues.

Some of the issues you will notice:

  • No Javascript. Based on feedback from some very vocal BDN members, this interface does not require client-side Javascript. If you find any client-side Javascript, please report it in QC. This means that certain things that could have been done to make the browser interface more responsive and more flexible are not available. However, this web client should have an extremely high level of browser compatibility.
  • It is slow. We know. To make updating of the client most convenient, it is a CGI application. It also talks to the QC web service, which is also currently hosted as a CGI application. Performance improvements will come later, and it will become significantly faster.
  • You will need to log in whenever you initially connect to the web client. You must log in because the information that you see can change, based on your user settings. Furthermore, your session will time-out after 90 minutes, and you will have to log in again. However, every time you hit the server, your session is refreshed, so as long as you hit the server within 90 minutes, you will not have to log in again.

First steps

If you have not used QualityCentral before, you must create your user record. Your user record is created automatically from your BDN community cookie when you attempt to download the Windows-based GUI client. Instructions are provided on the QC home page for downloading the GUI client.

If you don't want to download the Windows GUI client, you can create your user record by going to and entering a new or different password for QualityCentral.

To start using the beta version of the QualityCentral web client, click on After you log in, the main page will provide detailed information about the current status of the beta.

Thanks for your participation, and thank you for helping make QualityCentral as beneficial to the Borland community as possible.

Published on: 2/27/2003 12:00:00 AM

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