John K's Stick It! Pictures

By: John Kaster

Abstract: John K had the chance to take some pictures on a recent trip to the Pacific Northwest. These are definitely a must-see!

My Own Stick It! Pictures

by John Kaster, Inprise/Borland Developer Relations

While Ylonda Davis and I were touring the Pacific Northwest immediately after starting the Stick It! campaign, we was able to take some pictures of our bumper stickers in some places you may recognize. You can consider these examples of the types of pictures we think will be good pictures to take. Of course, we look forward to getting even better pictures from you.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Our first stop was in Vancouver. It was supposed to be very brief, so we didn't get an opportunity to take pictures downtown, or find any RCMPs (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) to hold the bumper sticker. Because of bad weather, we did end up stuck at the airport for almost 10 hours, so we had a lot of time to take pictures there.

This is a very prominent sculpture in the main lobby of the Vancouver Airport.

This is a picture of the bumper sticker on the ... uh ... bumper of a Vancouver limousine.

This is the driver of the next limo in line. He felt left out.

A "Canadian" bear outside one of the airport shops.

He was a very helpful bear.

Seattle, Washington

Originally, we were supposed to go from Vancouver to Portland, Oregon but the weather changed our plans. We arrived in Portland at 9:45pm the night of the meeting (which would have been over by that time) so we just hopped on another plane from there and continued on to Seattle, where we had an extra day to take pictures. The extra day paid off.

This picture is taken in front of the original Starbucks. Yes, the one that started them all. I left the address in just to prove that this is indeed the original Starbucks.

Another Starbucks picture.

Just for completeness, the other bumper sticker.

The original Starbucks is just down the street from the famous Pike Place Market. One of the markets at Pike Place is a large fish market, where your purchases are literally thrown to you by the merchants, while all the people working at the market carry on rapid conversations in loud voices. Quite a tourist attraction.

The pig on the sidewalk in front of the market has heard it all before, however. She was unimpressed, and was unmoved by anything going on across the sidewalk from her.

Redmond, Washington

No Stick it! photo tour would be complete without a trip to Redmond, Washington, the home of Microsoft. The rain actually stopped for a little while, and Ylonda and I were able to take some pictures on the Microsoft campus.

The original, boring Microsoft corporate sign at the main entrance to the Microsoft campus.

The vastly improved Microsoft sign.

Even better.

An alternative shot.

Ylonda and I would have taken some more pictures, but one alert Microsoft employee called security on her cell phone while driving in, and a security guard was interrogating us within two minutes of us starting to take the pictures. Ylonda explained that we were on a scavenger hunt, and he let us go. And gave us an escort off the campus.

Note! This is probably a good time to mention that we will not post bond or bail anyone out of jail for putting these bumper stickers up somewhere highly recognizable. You will probably win instant fame among the community, but that's the option you have to weigh.

San Jose, California

After safely departing Redmond, Ylonda and I flew from Seattle to San Jose to return to work. On the flight, I thought I saw a familiar face getting on the plane. I was right.

When I called Anders Hejlsberg by name, he looked up, and I knew I had an excellent Stick It! photo opportunity. I explained to him about the bumper stickers. He laughed and agreed to meet me outside the terminal, so I could get a picture of him holding the bumper stickers.

Here's another shot, in case you like this one better.

Film at 11

I hope you enjoy these pictures and they inspire you to take some great ones of your own. If you have suggestions for photos you'd like to see, please comment on this article and maybe one of our community members can get the shot for you. Until next time, this is your intrepid photo journalist, signing off.

Published on: 2/3/2000 12:00:00 AM

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