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15 Feb 2005 Historical Documents: Delphi 1 launch demos source code, launch script, and marketing video
Anders Hejlsberg provided the original launch script and projects used in the Delphi 1 launch on February 14, 1995.
John Kaster Article
14 Feb 2005 Historical Document: Visual Component Library First Draft - May 24, 1993
The first draft document for the Visual Component Library (VCL) description, dated May 13, 1993. This document describes components, properties, events, forms, and more.
David Intersimone Article
14 Feb 2005 Historical Document: Delphi Product Definition 3rd Draft - May 13, 1993
Zack Urlocker, Delphi Product Manager, wrote the product definition for Delphi version 1.0. This is the HTML version of the 3rd draft, dated May 13, 1993. Notable items include the original target dates and technical terms like "lotsa".
David Intersimone Article
21 Dec 1999 Borland History: Why the name "Delphi?"
Danny Thorpe writes about the origin of the Borland Delphi product name.
David Intersimone Article
7 Dec 1999 Borland History: Will The Real Frank Borland Please Stand Up?
Who is Frank Borland? Where did Frank come from? What does he look like? This little bit of history should shed some light on this historical figure.
David Intersimone Article

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