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28 May 2008 JBuilder 2008 Swing Designer Screencasts
This article contains links to several JBuilder Swing Designer screencasts created by Jeff Anders, CodeGear's Product Marketing Manager for JBuilder.
David Intersimone Video
17 Mar 2008 Press Release: CodeGear™ Enhances JBuilder® IDE with Instantiations Swing GUI Designer
Move Helps Java Developers Easily Create Swing-based Graphical User Interfaces
David Intersimone Press Release
3 Mar 2008 JBuilder 2007 and Swing Designer - building Swing based GUI applications
This article contains a demonstration video and information about the special promotion "Upgrade to JBuilder 2007, Get Instantiations Swing Designer, FREE!"
David Intersimone Video
1 May 2003 Simple Programming Tip #1 by Charlie Calvert
This article contains the explication of a simple programming tip that can be read in a few minutes: Avoid writing code that does anything substantial inside a visual container. Instead, create separate classes for your working code.
Charlie Calvert Contributed Article
28 Apr 2003 Changing UI Default Settings in Java
Learn techniques for changing default properties of visual components and tips on how JBuilder's inspector and visual designer interact with "Look and Feel".
Daniel Horn Contributed Article
27 Feb 2003 The Package Migration tool does not seem to convert all source code package references in the project.
The Package Migration tool is not a refactoring tool.
Christopher Moeller FAQ
26 Dec 2002 Remote Debugging an Applet in JBuilder 8
Steps to setup and launch remote debugging for applets in JBuidler 8
Christopher Moeller TI
26 Mar 2001 Why does older java code fail to compile in newer versions of JBuilder?
Documentation of JFC specification changes relating to relocation of class files
Christopher Moeller FAQ

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