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21 Sep 2008 Implementing a Lucene search engine
A guide to implementing Lucene as a cross-platform, cross-language search engine
John Kaster Article
19 Jun 2006 BDNtv: JBuilder 'Peloton' web services development
Watch a preview of web services modeling and development with JBuilder "Peloton"
John Kaster Video
19 Jan 2005 New BDN feature: Community Calendar
EventCentral is a free web-based calendar of worldwide events
John Kaster Article
5 Jan 2005 BDNradio: Live chat with Ravi Kumar on JBuilder 2005 web services
See the chat room log and listen to the replay of this live chat with Ravi
John Kaster Video
21 Oct 2003 JBuilder in the Web Services Jungle
Use of external Web service architectures is a quick way to embed functionality and resources into your applications. This article shows how to use JBuilder 9 to consume's Web services (AWS) for use in a custom Web application.
Eric Whipple Contributed Article
30 Jun 2002 A java client for the MapQuest web service
A simple java web service consumer
Anders Ohlsson Article
30 Jun 2002 A J2ME client for the MapQuest web service
A simple J2ME web service consumer
Anders Ohlsson Article
27 Jun 2002 Ten Basic Steps to Creating a Web Service in JBuilder 7 with the Web Services Kit for Java 3
Walkthrough for getting started with Web Services in JBuilder 7
Christopher Moeller TI
3 Mar 2002 Consuming Web Services using JBuilder 6 Enterprise and the Web Services Kit for Java 1
In this article I'll investigate the tools and techniques to use (consume) Web Services with JBuilder 6 Enterprise and the Borland Web Services Kit for Java.
Bob Swart Contributed Article
28 Sep 2001 The BugCentral Project
This project is the community "bug-tracking" system that will be coming soon to a web site near you. John K has put up a description of it to solicit feedback from the community before the public beta starts.
John Kaster Article
9 Apr 2001 JavaWorld: Clean up your wire protocol with SOAP
This article by Tarak Modi, the first in a series of four, introduces you to SOAP and using it in Java.
John Kaster Article
4 Apr 2001 Reflections on SOAP (Part 1)
James Snell of IBM writes a summary on the history and progress of the "Web services revolution"
John Kaster Article

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