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19 Apr 2004 Strategies for Integrating OSS/J Systems with CORBA
Get practical information on implementing J2EE-based Operational Support Systems (OSS/J) that must communicate with existing CORBA-based telecommunications systems
Borland Staff White Paper
26 May 2003 Microsoft and Borland Webcasts
Microsoft and Borland present Borland solutions for the Microsoft .NET framework
John Kaster Article
5 Dec 2002 Using EJBs with the CORBA Notification Service
This whitepaper describes the challenges and benefits of integrating EJBs with the Notification Service.
Brenton Camac White Paper
31 May 2002 Can I set JBuilder to use an IDL compiler other than idl2java.exe?
Creating CORBA configurations that use alternate IDL compilers.
Steve Peters FAQ
1 Mar 2002 Migrating from OrbixWeb to VisiBroker for Java
This document aims to facilitate the Java programmer confronted with the task of replacing in a CORBA application the ORB OrbixWeb (IONA Technologies) with that of VisiBroker for Java (Borland).
Digital Steps Limited White Paper
30 Jan 2001 IAS under RedHat 6.2 Linux requires Korn Shell to launch scripts
Korn Shell required for use of certain IAS tools
Christopher Moeller FAQ
16 Nov 2000 JBuilder 4 Enterprise: How do I enable my Enterprise features, like EJB and CORBA?
How to enable the JBuilder 4 Enterprise features.
Josh Fletcher FAQ
22 Jun 2000 VisiBroker for Java 4 and JBuilder 3.5 for Linux
Hubert A. Klein Ikkink (aka Mr.Haki) has written a detailed paper on installing VisiBroker 4 to use with JBuilder 3.5 on Linux
John Kaster Article
22 Jun 2000 JBuilder 3.5 CodeSite CORBA Client
Hubert A. Klein Ikkink (aka Mr.Haki) wrote an article that talks to Bob Swart's CORBA server using JBuilder on Linux
John Kaster Article
8 Dec 1999 Inprise announces availability of Inprise Application Server 4.0 and VisiBroker for Java 4.0
Inprise Corporation, today announced the shipment and immediate availability of the Inprise Application Server 4.0 and VisiBroker for Java 4.0, its Object Request Broker (ORB).
David Intersimone Article
9 Nov 1999 Advanced Object Management Using Inprise AppCenter
To be successful in business today requires highly reliable applications. AppCenter enables you to manage these complex applications delivering reliability your e-business customers demand.
David Intersimone Article
27 Sep 1999 Now Available for Linux!! VisiBroker for Java 3.4 and VisiBroker for C++ 3.3
VisiBroker for Java and VisiBroker for C++ are available for evaluation download.
David Intersimone Article
23 Aug 1999 Inprise and Data General Team to Deliver Enterprise Solutions
Companies Announce Availability of Inprises VisiBroker

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