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Borland Staff
14 Sep 2004 Deploying J2EE Applications to BEA WebLogic on the HP NonStop Server Platform
Using Borland JBuilder to deploy, debug, and administer J2EE applications on the HP NonStop server platform
Borland Staff White Paper
19 Apr 2004 Strategies for Integrating OSS/J Systems with CORBA
Get practical information on implementing J2EE-based Operational Support Systems (OSS/J) that must communicate with existing CORBA-based telecommunications systems
Borland Staff White Paper
11 Feb 2003 Performance Tuning EJB-based Applications
Optimizing Enterprise JavaBeans™ applications
Borland Staff White Paper
9 Oct 2000 Getting Started Guide
Creating your first Enterprise JavaBean Stateless Session Bean
Borland Staff White Paper
9 Oct 2000 Getting Started Guide II
Creating your Second Enterprise JavaBean Container Managed Persistent Bean
Borland Staff White Paper
Charlie Calvert
14 Jan 2004 On Her Majesty's Web Service Part I by Charlie Calvert
The first of a series, this article gives an overview of Web Services, Axis and Tomcat.
Charlie Calvert Contributed Article
12 Dec 2003 JSP Madness Part One by Charlie Calvert
A brief synopsis of creating JavaServer Pages in JBuilder. The article is supplemented with an overview of the JSP architecture.
Charlie Calvert Contributed Article
Brenton Camac
5 Dec 2002 Using EJBs with the CORBA Notification Service
This whitepaper describes the challenges and benefits of integrating EJBs with the Notification Service.
Brenton Camac White Paper
Giles Davies
9 Oct 2000 EJB Development Using JBuilder 4 and Inprise Application Server 4.1
A Step by Step Tutorial
Giles Davies White Paper
9 Oct 2000 Building WAP-enabled Applications with JBuilder and Inprise Application Server
Adding WAP clients as an additional presentation layer into enterprise applications
Giles Davies White Paper
Digital Steps Limited
1 Mar 2002 Migrating from OrbixWeb to VisiBroker for Java
This document aims to facilitate the Java programmer confronted with the task of replacing in a CORBA application the ORB OrbixWeb (IONA Technologies) with that of VisiBroker for Java (Borland).
Digital Steps Limited White Paper
Kenneth A. Faw
9 Jul 2000 Writing and Maintaining Java Server Pages
This paper equips the reader with an understanding of Java Server Pages and servlets, some techniques for communicating with client browsers, as well as the Web server, and a process for developing Java Server Pages quickly without sacrif
Kenneth A. Faw Article
Josh Fletcher
10 Apr 2001 JBuilder 4 Enterprise: JBuilder 4 does not stop at breakpoints after REDEPLOYING a bean in WebLogic
What to do if JBuilder 4 does not stop at breakpoints after REDEPLOYING a bean in WebLogic.
Josh Fletcher FAQ
5 Feb 2001 JBuilder 4 Enterprise: How can I integrate WebLogic Application Server 6.0 with JBuilder 4 Enterprise?
Experimental steps that may allow you to integrate WebLogic Application Server 6.0 with JBuilder 4 Enterprise.
Josh Fletcher TI
6 Dec 2000 JBuilder 4 Enterprise: Error: "java2iiop: fatal error: internal problem; contact Inprise Customer Support"
What to try if you receive this error when generating stubs for your EJB.
Josh Fletcher FAQ
16 Nov 2000 JBuilder 4 Enterprise: How do I enable my Enterprise features, like EJB and CORBA?
How to enable the JBuilder 4 Enterprise features.
Josh Fletcher FAQ
14 Sep 2000 JBuilder 3.5 / 4 Enterprise: Remote Debugging: WebLogic
How to debug Java code running in WebLogic server using JBuilder 3.5 / 4.
Josh Fletcher FAQ
John Frazier
12 Dec 2001 WebSphere integration in JBuilder6 requires DB2
A simple workaround for the DB2 requirement of JBuilder6's WebSphere integration
John Frazier FAQ
J.D. Hildebrand
23 May 2000 Sm@rt Reseller: Jini's disappearing act
After early applause, Sun's latest software effort loses its magic.
J.D. Hildebrand Article
Daniel Horn
6 Mar 2003 Using URLConnection with a Proxy Server by Daniel Horn
Using the Java URLConnection and HttpURLConnection classes with a proxy server is easy but poorly documented until now.
Daniel Horn Contributed Article

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