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24 Jul 2000 What do the statistical values returned from WISQL mean?
Describes Current memory,Delta memory,Max memory,Elapsed time,Buffers,Reads,Writes,Fetches
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24 Jul 2000 How do I find the amount of space used by each table in the database.
Server Manager or gstat can give you an estimate
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24 Jul 2000 Server Manager restore options "page size" default value displays and sets page size incorrectly on restore
Type over the 1024 displayed in the edit box with the desired value, in this case 1024.
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16 Mar 2000 IB_WISQL, an IBConsole replacement GUI tool for 6.0 beta
The IBConsole program currently available for download is unfortunately a tool designed and developed for use with InterBase 6.0 versions that have implemented the Services API. Currently, that would exclude any Classic releases of the InterBase engine, n
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