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11 Nov 2004 Plan differences with InterBase 7.5
Invalid plans in Stored Procedures did not report errors in the past
Quinn Wildman FAQ
3 Nov 2004 SQL not supported by Embedded SQL
This acticle provides a list of SQL not currently supported by Embedded SQL
Quinn Wildman FAQ
18 May 2004 The ISQL quiet switch
The quiet switch turns off all messages when not connected to a database
Quinn Wildman FAQ
11 Jul 2003 internal gds software consistency check (cannot find tip page (165))
This error can occur on a read only database after many transactions
Quinn Wildman FAQ
13 Feb 2003 Batch file that detects for connection problems
Batch file that only works on NT, 2000 or XP which hopes to identify simple connection problems
Quinn Wildman FAQ
17 Dec 2002 InterBase 7 for Linux Database File Size Limitation
12/17/02 To prevent corruption you should limit your database size to 4 GB
Quinn Wildman FAQ
21 Jun 2002 Creating a primary key when your table has no unique records
Describes a simple technique to add a key regardless of the format of your data
Quinn Wildman FAQ
7 Nov 2001 Running out of diskspace when running gbak
When you run out of space backing up a database you are prompted for another volume
Quinn Wildman FAQ
2 Oct 2001 New command line arguments for GSTAT (-r and -t)
GSTAT for InterBase 6 has two new command line arguments which are undocumented.
Quinn Wildman FAQ
30 May 2001 Aborting GBAK when the destination drive is full
Press Control-C to abort GBAK
Quinn Wildman FAQ
1 May 2001 -sqlda old option no longer available with GRE on InterBase 6
-sqlda old provided for backward compatibility between InterBase 5 and InterBase 4.
Quinn Wildman FAQ
30 Apr 2001 Validation error for column xx, value "*** null ***"
GBAK cannot restore a database which has a table which is ALTERed and is missing NULLs.
Quinn Wildman FAQ
30 Mar 2001 You must have exclusive access to a database before validating it
The error that occurs when validating a database and you don't have exclusive access is different than documented.
Quinn Wildman FAQ
27 Mar 2001 Redirecting errors from isql to a text file
Errors are written to the stand error output, which is different than the standard output.
Quinn Wildman FAQ
20 Mar 2001 Database Validation and Repair
This document describes exactly what gfix does when it attempts to validate or repair a database.
Quinn Wildman TI
7 Feb 2001 GFIX raises an error if you specify username and password before specifying sweep and ignore options.
incompatible switch combination error is raised
Quinn Wildman FAQ
7 Feb 2001 isql ignores username and password arguments if a -x or a -a is also passed as an arg.
To specify the user name and password when using -a or -x you must use ISC_USER and ISC_PASSWORD
Quinn Wildman FAQ
7 Feb 2001 Using gfix to set a v5 database to read only mode doesn't return an error.
Only InterBase 6 databases may be set to read only.
Quinn Wildman FAQ
7 Feb 2001 ISQL does not return agregate column headers as dialect 3 client
SUM, COUNT, AVG, MAX, MIN do not return column headers in ISQL when ISQL is connected as dialect 3
Quinn Wildman FAQ
5 Aug 2000 Troubleshooting and Recovering from Database Corruption
Diagnosing and Repairing Database Corruption
Borland Staff TI

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