Embarcadero Database NewsFlash - August 2013

By: Tim DelChiaro

Abstract: Data Governance, Visual SQL Tuning, Data Modeling and More!

Embarcadero NewsFlash
August 2013


Creating Your Data Governance Program in Four Steps with Kelle O'Neal

Data governance can mean different things to different people. Getting buy-in from all required stakeholders can be a big challenge. And yet you are probably involved with managing systems and processes that support corporate compliance and data utilization. How do you effectively make the case for data governance?

A four-part webinar series of pragmatic best practices:

Thursday 25 July 2013 (now on-demand)
Thursday 08 August 2013
Thursday 22 August 2013
Thursday 05 September 2013

1100 PT/San Francisco 
1900 BST/London
2000 CEST/Frankfurt/Paris
2100 EEST/Istanbul

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On Demand Webinar

Visual SQL Tuning: A SQL Picture is Worth a 1000 Words with Karen Morton

You know that tuning SQL can involve a lot of information crunching. Between trying to understand the SQL itself, the execution plan, and all the statistics… it can be overwhelming. However, there is an easier way to wade through it all. The idea of Visual SQL Tuning isn't new, but it is an under-utilized tool that can help you tune your SQL more effectively.

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White Paper

Not Data Modeling? How Much Is That Costing Your Business?

If you know anyone using Visio or Excel for Data Modeling, then they are working way to hard. Realize measurable huge cost savings with tools built for data modeling Using Visio or Excel for data modeling is like trying to drive a nail with a rock. Sure, the rock is a simple, readily available tool, but if you're trying to build a house the process can lead to cost overruns, project delays, and a fair amount of personal pain.

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White Paper

Does Data Modeling Still Matter, Amid the Market Shift to XML, NoSQL, Big Data, and the Cloud?

Joe Maguire and Peter O'Kelly 
Get this paper for perspectives on why data modeling is more important than ever before, and that organizations that seek to fully leverage database market dynamics must redouble their focus on data modeling.

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FREE Mini-eBook - The Data Model Resource Sample Collection – Len Silverston

Almost all business applications track information about people and organizations, recording information about customers, suppliers, subsidiaries, departments, employees, and contractors redundantly in many different systems. For this reason, it is very difficult to keep key information such as client contact data consistent and accurate. Examples of applications that store information about people and organizations include sales, marketing, purchasing, order entry, invoicing, project management, and accounting. Download your ebook now.

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