Webinar: How to Identify Resource Bottlenecks on SQL Server: Wait Types and Queues

By: Tim DelChiaro

Abstract: Get ideas you can use NOW to identify and avoid resource bottlenecks!

How to Identify Resource Bottlenecks on SQL Server: Wait Types and Queues
Get ideas you can use NOW to identify and avoid resource bottlenecks!

You learn a lot when thrown into a SQL Server crisis situation - everyone looks to you to quickly solve the problem. The system is down, the CEO is demanding answers, and each minute further cuts into the company's bottom-line. When you are in a hurry, you need new ideas right away!

This community webinar will give you quick ideas and suggestions which you can use and identify what is the real resource bottleneck and how you can avoid it.

Pinal Dave, creator of the SQL Authority website, will discuss SQL Server performance tuning techniques using wait types and queues.

Participate in this online roundtable to gain specific insight and learn about advanced performance tips for the SQL Server Database. During this event you will:

  • Learn how to easily and quickly identify SQL Server resource bottlenecks
  • Understand about best practices and tips from a very senior SQL Server performance expert
  • Interact with Pinal Dave by submitting questions, prior and during the webinar, and sharing your resource bottleneck challenges

About Pinal Dave, Creator of SQL Authority

Pinal Dave works as a Technology Evangelist (Database and BI) with Microsoft India. He has written over 1700 articles on the subject on his blog at https://blog.sqlauthority.com. During his career he has worked both in India and the US, mostly working with SQL Server Technology – right from version 6.5 to its latest form. Pinal has worked on many performance tuning and optimization projects for high transactional systems. He received his Master of Science from the University of Southern California and a Bachelors of Engineering from Gujarat University. Additionally, he holds many Microsoft certificates. He has been a regular speaker at many international events like TechEd, SQL PASS, MSDN, TechNet and countless user groups.

His passion for the community drives him to share his training and knowledge. Before joining Microsoft he was awarded the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) in SQL Server Technology for three continuous years for his outstanding community service and evangelizing SQL Server technology. He was also awarded the Community Impact Award – Individual Contributor.

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Wednesday, November 2, 
11:00 AM PDT

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