White Paper: Embarcadero® J Optimizer™ Tutorial

By: David Intersimone

Abstract: This white paper tutorial covers the new Embarcadero® J Optimizer™. The tutorial shows the Profiler, Code Coverage and Thread Debugger.

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Embarcadero J Optimizer 2009 Tutorial

The iterative use of performance tools throughout the development process is critical for keeping performance and reliability problems under control as well as for producing fast, scalable J2EE and J2SE applications. Java technology is great for accelerating time-to-market; but, performance and reliability risks can become a serious challenge. Because Java technology provides a higher level of abstraction, it affords developers only a limited understanding of, and control over, the way their code is executed.

J Optimizer provides a complete set of tools for measuring and optimizing the performance of Java programs, including the Memory and CPU Profiler, Code Coverage tools, the Thread Debugger, the Request Analyzer, and the Snapshot Analyzer. Because J Optimizer is IDE-independent it can be used on virtually all J2SE and Java EE programs.

Note: This tutorial covers Profiler, Code Coverage and Thread Debugger.

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