C++Builder 3-6 Registered Users Updates

By: Tim DelChiaro

Abstract: Updates for C++Builder versions 3-6

    C++Builder 2006 and later patches

    C++Builder 6 patches

    ilink32 version 5.66 Update


This update resolves an issue in ilink32 with an access violation when linking together large numbers of object files. It affects C++BuilderX customers who may need to compile legacy VCL applications. Please see readme.html for more information.

    C++Builder 6 Update 4


This Update Pack includes the maintenance from Update Packs 1, 2, and 3 (Update 3 was a limited beta release, not available from this site), along with new maintenance. Please see the readme for further explanation.




    C++Builder 6 Project Conversion Utility

Save valuable time with your cross platform development by automatically converting project files between C++Builder 6 and Kylix 3. See the readme for more information.

    VisiBroker Debug Libraries

Borland Enterprise Server, VisiBroker Edition debug libraries for use with Borland C++Builder 6.

    C++Builder 6 Update 2 (included in Update 4 above)

    C++Builder 6 Update 1 (included in Update 4 above)

If you are having difficulty building C++Builder 6 projects that include 3rd party Delphi components with either the Enterprise Upgrade or Professional Upgrade Editions, please install Update 1. Installing the patch on any C++Builder 6 Enterprise or Professional Editions will NOT harm them.

    C++Builder 6 Documentation Update 2

This documentation update supports compiler changes that were introduced with BCB6 Software Update #2. This documentation patch fixes a bug that resulted in the compiler help displaying the wrong warning message for the compiler when the user pressed the F1 key. This documentation patch resynchronizes the documentation with the compiler warning so the correct documentation displays. Please refer to updatinghelp.txt in the zip file for more information on how to install this patch

    C++Builder 6 Documentation Update 1

An error in the automated processing of certain Help system components caused the exclusion of the OpenTools API elements in the linking and indexing mechanisms and in the table of contents. This help update refreshes your current index, links, and TOC so that you can access OpenTools API topics directly from these areas.

To download and install:

1) Choose the link that corresponds to your edition of C++Builder 6 (Enterprise, Professional, or Personal), and download the file BCB601.ZIP.

2) Close Help if it is running. Extract the contents of the download to your \CBuilder6\Help installation directory, overwriting existing files of the same names. Note to Windows 9x and Me users: Due to limitations in Microsoft's Windows Help viewing engine, language element indexing--including indexing of OpenTools API elements--is disabled by default. For a description of this limitation, see the "NOTES AND ISSUES: ONLINE HELP" section of your C++Builder 6 readme.txt file.

3) Remove any hidden *.GID and any *.F?? in your CBuilder6|Help directory, and any *.F?? files that match C++Builder Help base file names in your \Windows\Help (or\WinNT\Help) directory. This action will reset your Help indexes when you restart Help. See the "NOTES AND ISSUES: ONLINE HELP" section of your C++Builder 6 readme.txt file for details on removal of these and other autogenerated files.

4) Restart Help.

    VCL Poster

This is an updated Portable Document Format (PDF) version of the C++Builder 6 Hierarchy Chart. The 130K file replaces the BCB6VCLPoster.pdf file on your installation CD. You can download the file to any location on your hard disk (suggested location: \CBuilder6\Help). Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view PDF files.


IBConnectionBroker, IBDatabaseINI, IBSQLParser, IBScript and IBFilterDialog (in both VCL and CLX forms). IBX components work better, faster and access more advanced features of InterBase never before available in standard components. IBX is designed to serve the needs of InterBase developers and provide a high-performance architecture that is interchangeable with VCL standard data access components. Integrating with other core database features of CodeGear's RAD tools, InterBase Express brings faster, easier InterBase access to C++Builder!

    C++Builder 5 Patches

    C++Builder 5.0 Update #1

Download the update for:

You may also:

    ADOExpress Update

This update addresses a problem that surfaces when ADO is used in conjunction with MDAC 2.6. The most common problem encountered is the error "Either EOF or BOF is True, or the current record has been deleted. Requested operation requires a current record" when closing an empty dataset or canceling an edit operation. Affected applications must be recompiled for changes to take affect.

  • This update applys to Enterprise Edition and Professional Edition with ADOExpress.
  • Install the C++Builder 5 Update #1 before applying the ADOExpress Update

View the readme file: ADOUpd1rdme.txt

Download the update:

    C++Builder 4 Patches

    C++Builder 4.0 Update #1

This patch is available for English, French, and German versions of C++Builder 4 Enterprise, Professional, and Standard edition. Be sure to download the correct version for your needs.




    C++Builder 4.0 Update #2

This patch applies to all editions, all languages of C++Builder 4. This patch does not update the version number displayed in the About Box.:

View the readme file and review the issues addressed by this patch.

    C++Builder 3 patches

    C++Builder3 Patch #1

There are different versions of this patch for english, french, and german languages and Standard, Professional, and Enterprise editions. Be sure to download the correct version of the patch for your installation.




Updates are no longer available for C++Builder 1.0 and the Borland C++ Compiler 5.5.

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