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Hi! I'm John Kaster, in Borland Developer Relations. With Delphi, the choices are always yours: you're in control of a complete e-business development studio with the freedom to easily take your solutions to Windows, the .NET Framework, and cross-platform to Linux..


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14 Jul 2010Webinar: How Meaningful Use Impacts Healthcare Data Management Professionals
Web Seminar     7/14/2010 11:00 AM - 7/14/2010 12:00 PM
2 Jul 2010
Join healthcare IT expert, Shahid Shah, for an insightful webinar on the impacts of meaningful use and certification of electronic health record systems to data management professionals


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Angel Martinez
27 Feb 2002 How can I use a dialog window to have a user select a folder without a file name?
explains and gives a brief example of using the SelectDirectory function
Angel Martinez FAQ
26 Feb 2002 How to disable mouse clicking in a TWebBrowser
Explains how to disable the mouse in a TWebBrowser so when a user clicks inside the WebBrowser nothing will happen
Angel Martinez FAQ
21 Feb 2002 Problems with IBExpress when installing the Delphi 6 Update Pack 2
explains how to resolve version conflicts with IBExpress dll's
Angel Martinez FAQ
31 Jan 2002 Getting the date of a file using Delphi.
How to retrieve the date of a file programmatically.
Angel Martinez FAQ
31 Jan 2002 How does one change the default directory that Delphi uses to save projects?
How to override the default directory that Delphi uses to save projects in
Angel Martinez FAQ
31 Jan 2002 How to clear the document listing found in the Windows Start Menu.
How to clear out all the documents listed from the Windows Start Menu from a Delphi application.
Angel Martinez FAQ
2 Jan 2002 How can one prevent a TForm from being moved or resized?
Explains how to disable a user from resizing and moving a form.
Angel Martinez FAQ
31 Dec 2001 How to keep seconds from being included in the display when using TDateTimePicker
Describes how to use the DateTime_SetFormat Windows API Call to modify the output of the TDateTimePicker
Angel Martinez FAQ
30 Nov 2001 Getting error -145 when trying to apply the Delphi 6 Update
Explains how to get the patch to install when encountering error -145
Angel Martinez FAQ
30 Nov 2001 Is Visibroker for C++ 4.5 supported with Delphi 6?
Explains why Visibroker for C++ 4.5 isn't certified to work with Delphi 6
Angel Martinez FAQ
30 Nov 2001 How can I avoid expanding a tree node when double-clicking on it?
Explains how to use various TTreeView events and properties to control behavior.
Angel Martinez FAQ
30 Nov 2001 How can I tell if I have downloaded the correct Delphi 6 Update?
Explains how you can be sure you downloaded the correct update and not the withdrawn update.
Angel Martinez FAQ
31 Oct 2001 Uninstalling Delphi 6 prompts for the CD even after saving the installation information to the hard drive
When uninstalling, Microsoft Installer can't find the file "Borland Delphi 6.msi".
Angel Martinez FAQ
31 Oct 2001 Steps to uninstall and reinstall Delphi 6
Step by step instructions on removing and then installing Delphi 6
Angel Martinez FAQ
30 Oct 2001 Retrieving a list of installed Applications on Windows
How to get a listing of all installed applications on a machine running Windows OS
Angel Martinez TI
23 Oct 2001 Borland license information is either invalid or missing
After successfully registering Delphi with Borland an error pops up: "Borland license information is either invalid or missing".
Angel Martinez FAQ
31 Aug 2001 Action Manager Component referenced in Text Editor Tutorial is Missing
Action Manager Component is not included in Delphi 6 Personal and this is addressed in the updated help files
Angel Martinez FAQ
31 Aug 2001 WebBrowser1.GoBack and WebBrowser1.GoForward creating 'Unspecified error'.
Using TWebBrowser GoBack method at the beginning of the history list or using the GoForward method at the end of the history list causes 'Unspecified Error'.
Angel Martinez FAQ
30 Aug 2001 How can I make the background color different for alternating lines of text in a TListBox in Delphi?
shows an example of how to change the background color on different lines of text in a TListBox
Angel Martinez FAQ
7 Aug 2001 I can't find ADO Express for Delphi on Where can I buy ADO Express for Delphi 5?
ADO is now bundled with Delphi 6 so ADO Express was removed from
Angel Martinez FAQ

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