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14 Jul 2010Webinar: How Meaningful Use Impacts Healthcare Data Management Professionals
Web Seminar     7/14/2010 11:00 AM - 7/14/2010 12:00 PM
2 Jul 2010
Join healthcare IT expert, Shahid Shah, for an insightful webinar on the impacts of meaningful use and certification of electronic health record systems to data management professionals


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Technical Publications
14 Feb 2005 ITE and ETM Tutorial for Delphi 2005
This tutorial describes how to use the localization tools included in Delphi 2005
Technical Publications Documentation
7 Jan 2005 Integrating Help in Delphi 2005
Instructions and sample scripts for integrating help are available for download
Technical Publications Article
python python
14 Sep 2000 Preserving the form state
Here's how to use the VCL streaming system to preserve form state between invocations. By G. Goossen.
python python Article
Andrea Raimondi
2 Mar 2007 Delphi XML Binding Wizard Tutorial
The Delphi XML Binding Wizard requires some understanding to be used. I'll show you
Andrea Raimondi Contributed Article
17 Feb 2007 XML binding wizard tutorial
Need to manage a typed XML file? You can bind it!
Andrea Raimondi Contributed Article
Steven Randolph
29 Sep 2000 How to change NET DIR programmatically so it persists
Writing values into the BDE configuration file requires only a few function calls.
Steven Randolph Contributed Article
Philippe Randour
26 Mar 2003 Non-rectangular translucent forms
This article shows you how, on Windows 2000/XP, you can easily add a non-standard user interface to your application by taking advantage of translucency and transparency.
Philippe Randour Contributed Article
3 Dec 2001 How to get the default printer name
You want to access the default printer but you don't know how to get its name from the system. This article will show you how to achieve this result under Windows 95, 98, NT, and 2000. By Philippe Randour.
Philippe Randour Contributed Article
27 Nov 2001 Positioning in a grid.
When performing a search on a dataset connected to a TDBGrid, the positioning in the grid is done in the middle of the visible rows, which might not be adequate for your application. This article presents a way to change this.
Philippe Randour Contributed Article
26 Sep 2001 How to adjust TDBGrid column widths automatically
This handy procedure automatically adjusts the size of static DBGrid columns to fit the DBGrid client width when the user resizes the form containing the grid. Say goodbye to the horizontal scrollbar! By Philippe Randour.
Philippe Randour Contributed Article
B.J. Rao
6 Dec 2012 Crowd Funding. It's about a Conversation
Featured article from Blaise Pascal Magazine issue 25
B.J. Rao Article
25 Aug 2009 3D Scanning - A New View On Things
3D scanning is the art of converting the geometric essence of tangible objects and or scenes into numerical data. Like most other vision technologies have done in the past, the impact of 3D scanning on business, industry and society can be profound. This article provides a brief overview on 3D scanning technology as well as an introduction to a new 3D scanner application called GRASP that was created with Delphi.
B.J. Rao Article
Colin A. Ridgewell
21 Aug 2001 Apache Development with Kylix Server Developer
Kylix simplifies and speeds development of Apache based web/Internet application development for Linux so that you can deliver scalable web applications that support large numbers of users and large volumes of data.
Colin A. Ridgewell White Paper
Vino Rodrigues
7 Jan 2002 Dynamic packages in Delphi
A paper on how to create and use dynamic packages in Delphi. By Vino Rodrigues.
Vino Rodrigues Contributed Article
13 Oct 2001 Design Considerations for MIDAS/DataSnap
A white paper on things you should think about when you chose to use MIDAS/DataSnap.
Vino Rodrigues Contributed Article
9 Oct 2001 Delphi and Microsoft HTML Help
A paper that will guide you in creating HTML Help files and use them in your Delphi applications.
Vino Rodrigues Contributed Article
9 Oct 2001 Using The WebBrowser Component
A paper on using the TWebBrowser component, including some nif fty tricks.
Vino Rodrigues Contributed Article
William Roetzheim
2 Oct 2002 Borland Kylix 3 versus Linux GCC Development
A productivity and maintainability comparison
William Roetzheim White Paper
Marc Rohloff
14 Feb 2005 Getting Started with C# and the Compact Framework by Marc Rohloff
This article will show you the steps to edit, compile and test applications for the .NET Compact Framework using Borland Delphi 2005 and C# and explain what you can and cannot do.
Marc Rohloff Contributed Article
3 Dec 2004 Namespaces in Delphi 2005 by Marc Rohloff
To make Delphi code friendlier towards other .NET languages Borland has changed the way Delphi 2005 produces namespaces. This article discusses the changes that have been made and how they affect you.
Marc Rohloff Contributed Article

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