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6 May 2007 New Downloads for Delphi 2007 Registered Users are now available
QuickReport, the Remote Debugger, and the BDE Merge Module are now available for Downloads for Delphi 2007 Registered Users
CodeGear Updates
7 Mar 2007 Hotfix 11 for Borland Developer Studio 2006
Hotfix 11 for Borland Developer Studio 2006 is now available
CodeGear Updates
12 Feb 2007 Hotfix #10 Rollup install for Developer Studio
New hotfixes for Delphi, C++Builder, C#Builder, Turbo Delphi, Turbo Delphi for .NET, Turbo C++, and TurboC# are now available for download
CodeGear Updates
Bob Arnson
23 Nov 1999 Have it your way
QTime helps find sloppy code so that your users always have a snappy experience. By Bob Arnson.
Bob Arnson Article
Ivan Babikov
23 May 2002 Example of using WebSnap as a source code generator
WebSnap tool for generating Persistent BOs, EJB Persistent Entity Beans and so on.
Ivan Babikov Contributed Article
27 Feb 2002 WebSnap gives templates to Pascal
The script engine of WebSnap can generate not only HTML but something else as well, including source code.
Ivan Babikov Contributed Article
Allen Bauer
15 Mar 2004 Automated IDE Incident Reporting
An IDE Add-in that provides the user with the opportunity to report directly into Quality Central, Delphi IDE exception incidents.
Allen Bauer Article
20 Feb 2004 The rules haven't changed
These are links to blog entries that describe how some of the features of Delphi 8 haven't changed despite the radical platform shift.
Allen Bauer Article
20 Feb 2004 Using Delphi 7 to target Delphi 8 IDE Open Tools Development
Using the specially compiled IDE packages described in this article, a special version of the Delphi 7 IDE can be created to target Delphi 8 OTA development.
Allen Bauer Article
19 Feb 2004 IDE Integration pack for Delphi 8 & C#Builder 1.0
IDE integration packs now available from CodeCentral.
Allen Bauer Article
6 Mar 2000 Opening Doors: Getting Inside the IDE
Allen Bauer, architect of the Open Tools API for Delphi and C++ Builder, explains docking in the IDE in his third article on OTA
Allen Bauer Article
23 Dec 1999 Opening Doors: Notes On the Delphi ToolsAPI by its Creator - Part 2
The second Delphi Open ToolsAPI article, by Delphi R&D member Allen Bauer, gives developers a "cookbook" format, with step-by-step instructions, for creating an IDE extension in Delphi.
Allen Bauer Article
16 Dec 1999 Opening Doors: Notes On the Delphi ToolsAPI by its Creator
This article, by Delphi R&D member Allen Bauer, provides an overview of the ToolsAPI. Readers will learn how to enhance the Delphi IDE.
Allen Bauer Article
Martin Binder
10 Jan 2003 "Building and running Delphi for .NET projects using DLite" by Martin Binder
The Delphi for .NET preview included with Delphi 7 gives us an excellent peek at the .NET world from the Delphi point of view. This article shows you how to use DLite to help you build, verify and run your Delphi for .NET projects.
Martin Binder Contributed Article
Borland Staff
24 Jul 2000 An EDatabase Exception is generated by a Delphi or C++ Builder application
How to look at the VCL to help determine why an EDBEngine Error occured
Borland Staff FAQ
15 Jan 1996 Delphi 2 - Delphi Client/Server Suite 2.0, Open Architecture
This 2.0 release incorporates several new technologies in order to further improve the productivity of developers and the performance of applications.
Borland Staff White Paper
Charles Calvert
27 Jan 2000 Extreme Programming: Testing at the Speed of Thought
In this article you can learn about a test suite that embodies the principles of Extreme Programming
Charles Calvert Article
Marco Cantu
16 Apr 2002 Essential Delphi ebook
Marco Canty has made available on his web site a new and complete release of Essential Delphi, a free ebook introducing the Delphi IDE and the use of components.
Marco Cantu Contributed Article
Chee Wee Chua
26 Nov 2001 A passive debugging solution for CLX
Debugging cross-platform applications is easy with this useful code. By Chee Wee Chua.
Chee Wee Chua Contributed Article
David Clegg
13 Jul 2005 Delphi for .NET Compact Framework Preview Quickstart Guide - By David Clegg
Provides information to assist developers in getting up and running with the Delphi for .NET Compact Framework preview compiler.
David Clegg Contributed Article

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