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5 Apr 2000 Sets to Strings, and Back by Ray Lischner
Employing Sets, Strings, and Run-type Type Information
David Intersimone Article
31 Mar 2000 A final prompt, asking user if they really want to exit.
Add this code sample to an application to prompt a user if they really want to exit after selecting a close method.
Kendall Sullivan FAQ
30 Mar 2000 Converting an integer into a binary string
Seeing all those 1's and 0's
30 Mar 2000 Initializing an array or record to null.
Using FillChar to set values in an array or record.
29 Mar 2000 How do I prevent my applications main window from showing when my application loads?
Hiding the application's main form.
29 Mar 2000 How do I get a list of CDROM drives on a computer?
Using GetLogicalDrives and GetDriveType.
29 Mar 2000 RichEdit in a COM server is not being correctly created
COM servers that use a tmFree threading model may have this problem, and this is a work around.
Corbin Dunn FAQ
23 Mar 2000 Object Pascal/Compiler/RTL Chat Transcript from Mar. 16, 2000
Complete transcript from the live Delphi chat discussing Object Pascal/Compiler/RTL.
Christine Ellis Article
8 Mar 2000 Third Party Makes JBuilder AWT Available from Delphi
George Birbilis has made available for Delphi users a port of the JAWT (Java AWT Native Interface) of JDK1.3RC1.
Charles Calvert Article
7 Mar 2000 Community TV: Borland Translation Suite with John Khouri
John Khouri, International R&D Manager, discusses the new Borland Translation Suite that allows developers to localize their applications.
David Intersimone Video
25 Feb 2000 // I Have a Comment
Robert Kozak, from Delphi R&D, talks about proper coding techniques.
Charles Calvert Article
8 Feb 2000 Project Jedi and the Delphi Community
This article discusses Project JEDI, the open source movement, and the Delphi Community. It shows ways we can all work together to ensure the future of Object Pascal.
Charles Calvert Article
1 Feb 2000 How do I set the desktop icon color in code, or make the text behind them transparent?
Set the background color of the Windows desktop icons using Pascal code.
Corbin Dunn FAQ
6 Jan 2000 Borland Game Programming Contest: Set the World on Fire
Borland announces a real contest with real prizes. The goal is to inspire the best programmers to step forward and show the world their talents!
Charles Calvert Article
5 Jan 2000 Ten Things I Love About Delphi
What do you love about Delphi?
Charles Calvert Article
29 Dec 1999 Interpreting Cryptic Jpeg Error Number's
What do to with those "JPEG error #xx" messages that come up
Corbin Dunn FAQ
21 Dec 1999 Borland History: Why the name "Delphi?"
Danny Thorpe writes about the origin of the Borland Delphi product name.
David Intersimone Article
15 Dec 1999 Delphi Tips Available
This site posts weekly Delphi programming tips.
Charles Calvert Article
14 Dec 1999 Lost in chaos: Chronology of a failure
The ingredients for success were there: an enthusiastic and capable team, a competent manager and proper funding. So why was the project a disaster? From Software Development.
J.D. Hildebrand Article
6 Dec 1999 The coming of age of Delphi
Delphi can get a legal drivers license in the U.S. She is 16 years old! She has had two name changes!
David Intersimone Article

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