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31 Aug 2000 Auto Increment Fields in a ClientDataSet
Using an aggregate to auto increment a local dataset with a TClientDataSet component.
Justin Swett FAQ
31 Aug 2000 Checking the BDE version progammatically.
Some applications require that the correct BDE version be install, this code example shows you how to do it programmatically.
Kendall Sullivan FAQ
25 Aug 2000 How to Write Unmaintainable Code
Never ascribe to malice, that which can be explained by incompetence
John Kaster Article
25 Aug 2000 Humor: The Evolution of a programmer
Someone mentioned this link on one of the newsgroups, and I'm sure most programmers out there will appreciate it.
John Kaster Article
25 Aug 2000 Sip From The Firehose: August 25, 2000 - Calling All Visual Basic Luminaries
We're looking for a few Visual Basic luminaries to help us help the millions of Visual Basic programmers take advantage of the programming opportunities on Linux.
David Intersimone Article
11 Aug 2000 Creating a real singleton class in Delphi 5
The article describes how to create a class that follows the singleton pattern. The class described will take care of the singleton requirements and effects itself, effectively leaving the programmer to use the class as any others.
Lasse V#gs?ther Karlsen Contributed Article
10 Aug 2000 Sip From The Firehose: August 9, 2000 - Do We Need Another Programming Language?
Microsoft recently introduced a new language called C#. More languages have appeared in recent years. Do we really need another programming language?
David Intersimone Article
4 Aug 2000 A Snake in the Temple: Embedding Python in Delphi by Tres Seaver
Tres Seaver, Palladion Software, gave a presentation on Delphi and Python to the Houston Association of Delphi Professionals.
David Intersimone Article
24 Jul 2000 Using Variables & For Loops in Delphi
Using Variables & For Loops in Delphi to cause a piece of code to get executed a certain number of consecutive iterations based on certain criteria.
Borland Staff FAQ
24 Jul 2000 Handling exceptions in Delphi
Examples using try ... except and try .. finally
Corbin Dunn FAQ
24 Jul 2000 Creating a Worker Thread for Background Processing
Steps to create a thread in Delphi
Borland Staff FAQ
24 Jul 2000 How do I use the InterBase API security functions to add, modify and delete users
How to programatically add or modify and delete user through InterBase API.
Borland Staff FAQ
21 Jul 2000 Problems comparing floating point numbers.
Floating point numbers cannot be accurately compared for equality.
8 Jul 2000 Delphi threading by example
An example using the Windows API.
Wim De Cleen Article
9 Jun 2000 Non-TThread Threading in Delphi, Access Violation, Invalid Pointer Operation.
Threading in Delphi without using TThread or BeginThread, must set IsMultiThread to true.
31 May 2000 How to embed Adobe Acrobat into your application.
This allows you to view PDF files from inside of your application.
Corbin Dunn FAQ
31 May 2000 How to use sets in code, such as adding to TDBGrid.Options, at run time
This document describes how to modify sets at run time.
Corbin Dunn FAQ
30 May 2000 How to tell if a form has been created (or any object)?
Set object references to nil.
30 May 2000 Internal Error 2140 with NT Service Application and ADO
Need to call CoInitialize
11 Apr 2000 Clearing a console window screen
clrscr like function for Delphi

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