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31 May 2001 Why won't the virtual key codes work in my program?
Virtual Key Codes in Kylix .
Mat Duafala FAQ
31 May 2001 VisiBroker applications created with Delphi 5 Enterprise on Windows 2000
Limitations of VisiBroker versions that ships with Delphi 5 Enterprise.
Angel Martinez FAQ
30 May 2001 Using queued components in Delphi
Example showing queued components in Delphi.
17 May 2001 How to retrieve the position of the cursor.
Use GetCursorPos to get the position of the mouse
Justin Swett FAQ
15 May 2001 Community TV: Delphi 6 Language and RTL Enhancements with Danny Thorpe
John K gets the scoop from Danny on the oodles of new RTL functions and the cool new language features in Delphi 6. Now with MP3 Audio.
John Kaster Video
1 May 2001 Borland is awarded a patent for its Two-Way-Tools method
The United States Patent and Trademark Office awarded Borland Software Corporation its 94th patent. The pantent covers its Two-Way-Tools method for delegation of object events to event handlers.
David Intersimone Article
25 Apr 2001 Finding the column and row of the cursor in a TRichEdit
How to find the exact position of the cursor in a rich edit.
Corbin Dunn FAQ
20 Apr 2001 PrintSelf
It's a classic problem - to write a program, which is printing a source code of its own and using only output functions.
Alexander Seliutin Contributed Article
3 Apr 2001 CLX styles demo for Kylix
How to use styles in your Kylix applications with a full demo and source code
Corbin Dunn TI
26 Mar 2001 How to custom draw menu items
A complete example and source code for how to implement custom drawn menu items.
Corbin Dunn FAQ
26 Mar 2001 Selecting an item in a TListView when the checkbox is checked
You may have noticed peculiar behavior with a TListView that has check boxes - selecting a check may not select an item.
Corbin Dunn FAQ
26 Mar 2001 Creating a file browser for Linux using Kylix
Complete source for how to find files on your Linux system and display them in TTreeView/TListView pair.
Corbin Dunn TI
15 Mar 2001 Trouble Shooting Errors Received After Adding a Unit to the Uses Section of Your Unit
Some suggestions for trouble shooting errors received after adding a unit to the Uses section of your unit.
12 Mar 2001 Effectively Using Action Lists
This paper describes, in detail, what actions and action lists can do for an application.
Ray Konopka Article
9 Mar 2001 Setting a Kylix TListView component's subitem images to nothing
You may have noticed that a vsReport TListView with an Images property set that the subitems have images on them too. This demonstrates a workaround for this problem.
Corbin Dunn FAQ
28 Feb 2001 Finding the Windows task bar using the SHAppBarMessage API call
How to find what side of the screen that the task bar is located at
Corbin Dunn TI
14 Feb 2001 Why does my Application run slowly under Linux?
Why does an application that runs fine under windows, seem to run slower after I have ported it to Linux?
Mat Duafala FAQ
12 Feb 2001 Use the Windows API to generate a list of available Network Resources.
Using WNetOpenEnum and WNetEnumerate to get a list of the computer names from Network Neighborhood?
Justin Swett TI
31 Jan 2001 How to detect if the current user is logged in administrator.
This example will show you how to detect if the current user is logged on as administrator
Kendall Sullivan FAQ
31 Jan 2001 How to detect the computer name.
Below is a code sample that demonstrates how to find out what the computer name.
Kendall Sullivan FAQ

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