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30 Aug 2001 Other people's windows
This article demonstrates how to subclass non-Delphi windows from within a Delphi application.
CodeGear Contributed Article
Toby Allen
17 Jan 2002 How to set global environment variables.
Article that shows how to update global environment settings and make sure they stay.
Toby Allen Contributed Article
Yorai Aminov
6 May 2008 Enabling Client-Side Caching of Generated Content in ASP.NET
This article describes how to support client-side caching of dynamically generated content in ASP.NET and Delphi, and lists some of the lesser-known problems with ASP.NET’s HttpCachePolicy class.
Yorai Aminov Article
Rossen Assenov
10 Jan 2002 Garbage Collector For Delphi Objects and Components
Automatic memory management of Delphi objects and components.
Rossen Assenov Contributed Article
10 Oct 2001 Templates in Object Pascal
Here's a quick guide to implementing C++-like templates in Object Pascal. By Rossen Assenov.
Rossen Assenov Contributed Article
Ivan Babikov
27 Feb 2002 WebSnap gives templates to Pascal
The script engine of WebSnap can generate not only HTML but something else as well, including source code.
Ivan Babikov Contributed Article
Selva Balaji
4 Oct 2000 Working With Excel Sheets
Using the Ole Automation Concept we can insert a picture, hyperlink and such a lot of things.
Selva Balaji Contributed Article
Allen Bauer
20 Feb 2004 The rules haven't changed
These are links to blog entries that describe how some of the features of Delphi 8 haven't changed despite the radical platform shift.
Allen Bauer Article
Peter Below
12 Aug 2008 A Key’s Odyssey
This article follows the path of a keystroke message through the VCL. You will learn how the key processing is implemented, how the OnKey events work and what intervention points for the programmer can be found in the whole process. In addition, things like message processing are explained, and you will learn how to trace messages in the debugger from the message loop to their eventual destination.
Peter Below Contributed Article
Christian Berger
19 Nov 2001 Programming your own script language
This article describes how to write a simple stack-based script language.
Christian Berger Contributed Article
Stephen Blas
25 Sep 2003 Why does the Real type behave differently in Delphi 3 compared to later versions?
This article answers the question posed in the title
Stephen Blas FAQ
Borland Staff
24 Jul 2000 Using Variables & For Loops in Delphi
Using Variables & For Loops in Delphi to cause a piece of code to get executed a certain number of consecutive iterations based on certain criteria.
Borland Staff FAQ
24 Jul 2000 Creating a Worker Thread for Background Processing
Steps to create a thread in Delphi
Borland Staff FAQ
24 Jul 2000 How do I use the InterBase API security functions to add, modify and delete users
How to programatically add or modify and delete user through InterBase API.
Borland Staff FAQ
Charles Calvert
8 Mar 2000 Third Party Makes JBuilder AWT Available from Delphi
George Birbilis has made available for Delphi users a port of the JAWT (Java AWT Native Interface) of JDK1.3RC1.
Charles Calvert Article
25 Feb 2000 // I Have a Comment
Robert Kozak, from Delphi R&D, talks about proper coding techniques.
Charles Calvert Article
8 Feb 2000 Project Jedi and the Delphi Community
This article discusses Project JEDI, the open source movement, and the Delphi Community. It shows ways we can all work together to ensure the future of Object Pascal.
Charles Calvert Article
6 Jan 2000 Borland Game Programming Contest: Set the World on Fire
Borland announces a real contest with real prizes. The goal is to inspire the best programmers to step forward and show the world their talents!
Charles Calvert Article
5 Jan 2000 Ten Things I Love About Delphi
What do you love about Delphi?
Charles Calvert Article
15 Dec 1999 Delphi Tips Available
This site posts weekly Delphi programming tips.
Charles Calvert Article

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