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16 Jan 2006 2006 PGD Annual 'The Big Boss' Game Programming Competition
Details about this year's game programming competition being held over at
Dominique Louis Contributed Article
10 Jan 2003 How to Use Scanlines
This article shows a fast way to manipulate bitmaps, without using canvas : the scanlines.
Leonel Togniolli Contributed Article
23 Mar 2001 Image feathering lab report
This article demonstrates how to merge a foreground and background image by fading from one image to the other, but only along a transition edge drawn with a simple drawing tool.
Earl F. Glynn Contributed Article
24 Aug 2000 Tech Note: Manipulating pixels with Delphi's ScanLine property
This Tech Note demonstrates how to use the ScanLine TBitmap property to manipulate pixels for a variety of image processing and other applications. Examples are given for each of the various PixelFormats.
Earl F. Glynn Contributed Article
21 Aug 2000 Brush bitmaps lab report
This lab report shows how to use brush bitmaps to paint selected areas with specified patterns. Also, this project shows how to merge several masks with various patterns with a background image to form a single composite bitmap.
Earl F. Glynn Contributed Article

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