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12 Apr 2004 .NET USERGROUP in the Bay Area!
Join us every 3rd Wednesday of every month to learn about .NET technologies in Santa Clara, CA starting April 21st. Register today for FREE!
Lino Tadros Contributed Article
16 Jan 2006 2006 PGD Annual 'The Big Boss' Game Programming Competition
Details about this year's game programming competition being held over at
Dominique Louis Contributed Article
25 Aug 2009 3D Scanning - A New View On Things
3D scanning is the art of converting the geometric essence of tangible objects and or scenes into numerical data. Like most other vision technologies have done in the past, the impact of 3D scanning on business, industry and society can be profound. This article provides a brief overview on 3D scanning technology as well as an introduction to a new 3D scanner application called GRASP that was created with Delphi.
B.J. Rao Article
6 Dec 1999 A Multimedia Assembly Line Part I: Enhancing a Delphi Expert
The first installment of a two-part series begins with an overview of the expert and the sound-playing capabilities it supports and how that functionality is implemented in the expert and the components it produces.
David Intersimone Article
6 Dec 1999 A Multimedia Assembly Line: Part II Generating a Component
In part II the author takes a detailed look at the code-generating engine.
David Intersimone Article
9 Aug 2001 Aspect ratio lab report
This lab report demonstrates how to display a rectangular TBitmap in a rectangular TImage of any size while preserving the original aspect ratio. By Earl F. Glynn.
Earl F. Glynn Contributed Article
21 Aug 2000 Brush bitmaps lab report
This lab report shows how to use brush bitmaps to paint selected areas with specified patterns. Also, this project shows how to merge several masks with various patterns with a background image to form a single composite bitmap.
Earl F. Glynn Contributed Article
31 Dec 2003 Busy not doing the dishes - by Noel Rice
Noel demonstrates the ability of Delphi 8 in working with Managed DirectX 9.x with the same ease as C# and VB.NET under the .NET Framework.
Lino Tadros Contributed Article
25 Oct 1999 Charlie Calvert's Notes for his Direct3D Talk
Here are the notes for the Direct3D talk I made in 1998 and 1999
Charles Calvert Article
29 Mar 2000 Code sample to detect if there is a sound device present on a computer.
This code sample detects whether a sound device is present on the computer were your application is running.
Kendall Sullivan FAQ
14 Nov 2000 Creating transparent windows
How to make transparent portions on your window with Delphi.
Corbin Dunn TI
29 Aug 2000 CryptImage lab report
This Lab Report shows how to encrypt and decrypt image files in BMP and JPEG formats.
Earl F. Glynn Contributed Article
9 Aug 2001 Cursor overlay lab report
This lab report demonstrates how to convert a cursor to a bitmap and then overlay the cursor's bitmap on another bitmap.
Earl F. Glynn Contributed Article
28 Sep 2000 Delphi Coloring Pages
Several pages in efg's Computer Lab and Reference Library contain a number of resources about color, including examples and projects in Delphi. This article is a summary of these color resources.
Earl F. Glynn Contributed Article
18 Oct 1999 Delphi Game Links
Links to sites of interest for Delphi game programmers
Charles Calvert Article
18 Oct 1999 Delphi Multimedia and Graphics Neighborhood Overview
This article provides an introduction to the Delphi Multimedia and Graphics neighborhood
Charles Calvert Article
10 Sep 2001 DelphiX game tutorial - continued!
Learn the basics of tile animation. By Michael Dundee.
Michael Dundee Contributed Article
11 Sep 2000 DelphiX game tutorial one
Creating an isometric tiling engine.
Michael Dundee Article
25 Oct 1999 DelphiX Tutorial
A Tutorial on the popular DelphiX components. These components help you use the DirectX APIs.
Charles Calvert Article
7 Oct 1999 DirectX and Delphi 5
Updating Delphi 3 and 4 Projects to Use Delphi 5. The emphasis is on the DirectX header translations.
Charles Calvert Article

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