JBuilder Product Roadmap

By: David Intersimone

Abstract: This article contains the CodeGear JBuilder product roadmap. It contains future development plans and time frames for product releases. (Last Updated 10/30/2007)

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This information describes CodeGear’s general product direction at this time, and should not be relied on in making a licensing decision. The future development, release and timing of features and functionality remains at our sole discretion and may be changed at any time without notice.

General Overview

With the JBuilder 2007 release in November of 2006 CodeGear began a major shift in its approach to delivering innovative tooling for Java developers. JBuilder 2007 is built on the popular Eclipse IDE core, and from the beginning our focus has been on building new innovation to developer problems rather than attempting to make an existing Eclipse feature slightly better.

With the initial JBuilder 2007 release we delivered:

  • LiveSource-based EJB graphical workbench
  • LiveSource-based JPA graphical workbench
  • LiveSource-based Web Services graphical workbench
  • LiveSource-based UML diagrams
  • Comprehensive code design and implementation analysis
  • Code profiling, heap analysis, and thread debugging based on Optimizeit
  • Cross-tier request monitoring and analysis based on Optimizeit Request Analyzer
  • A complete team development environment with integrated tools for source control, bug tracking, requirements management, project planning/tracking and continuous integration builds – a complete best-practices developer stack

In May of 2007 we released JBuilder 2007 R2, which extended the initial release with:

  • Windows Server 2003 support for the team environment administrator (Project Assist) tools and server platform
  • IDE support on Windows Vista, Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Mac
  • Extension of team development environment to allow teams to choose the tools they will use on a project-by-project basis, while still providing the high level of integration and visibility demanded by high performance teams including StarTeam (SCM, Tasks, Change Requests/Bugs, Requirements) and CVS
  • BES application server support

Customer input, market dynamics, and emerging trends and technologies all provide input into CodeGear’s future product development plans. CodeGear roadmaps are reviewed regularly and updated periodically to reflect these inputs.

Future JBuilder features and technologies will focus on:

  • Greatly simplifying Java web development
  • Specialized focus on building AJAX based Web 2.0 applications
  • Allowing developers to mix-and-match server frameworks while still focusing on the application features instead of the framework configuration
  • Making Java Enterprise development truly simple, allowing a developer to focus on application functionality without giving up any control or capabilities through re-use, navigation and open logic
  • Expanding the TeamInsight team platform with additional tool selections
  • Interconnecting static code analysis with live code analysis to help developers identify, quantify and rectify problems earlier in the development cycle
  • Composition of distributed applications
  • Customer-defined managed Eclipse configuration and provisioning
  • Customer-defined team workflows for developer activities like check-ins, code reviews and defect lifecycle management

As always, this roadmap indicates plans and intentions, but no firm commitment to deliver any of the products or features described below.

Planned Releases

The JBuilder Roadmap is currently "under construction" while it is being updated. We’re working on the new generations of JBuilder, so stay tuned to the CodeGear Developer Network for an updated JBuilder Roadmap.

Roadmap Update History:

08/19/2008 – JBuilder Roadmap “under construction”

04-01-2008 - JBuilder 2008, “Project Bonanza” announced – press release

10/30/2007 – Bonanza time frame moved from Second Half 2007 to First Half of 2008

08/13/2007 – CodeGear JBuilder Roadmap updated to reflect Eclipse-based direction

05/16/2006 – Borland JBuilder Roadmap first publication

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