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7 Feb 2002 Preview of C++ Builder 6
John K briefly covers some of the new features in C++ Builder 6, complete with screen shots and sample code
John Kaster Article
11 Dec 2001 Borland exhibits at PDC
John K manned the Borland booth at the Microsoft Professional Developer's Conference the first day of the show. Read this article for pictures and observations.
John Kaster Article
8 Nov 2001 Using .NET complex types in a Delphi web service client
In an article on the continuing rapid enhancements to Borland's Web Services solutions, John K discusses prototype support for .NET web services that use Document Literal encoding
John Kaster Article
28 Sep 2001 The BugCentral Project
This project is the community "bug-tracking" system that will be coming soon to a web site near you. John K has put up a description of it to solicit feedback from the community before the public beta starts.
John Kaster Article
9 Apr 2001 JavaWorld: Clean up your wire protocol with SOAP
This article by Tarak Modi, the first in a series of four, introduces you to SOAP and using it in Java.
John Kaster Article
4 Apr 2001 Reflections on SOAP (Part 1)
James Snell of IBM writes a summary on the history and progress of the "Web services revolution"
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