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20 Sep 2002 Public Beta: C++Builder 6 Type Library Importer Public Beta 2
This beta consists of an updated type library importer for C++Builder 6
John Kaster Article
25 Jun 2002 Disabling TCppWebBrowser's context menu or "right-click" menu.
Implementing IDocHostUIHandler in a simple COM object quickly solves this problem at the source.
Vincent Drake TI
20 Aug 2001 How to post data using TCppWebBrowser in C++Builder
This article demonstrates techniques for using the CppWebBrowser component to browse and post data using Navigate and Navigate2 methods. By Adam Vieweger.
Adam Vieweger Contributed Article
13 Oct 2000 Problems using dcomcnfg to configure ActiveX library objects (DLLs).
Client application fails to make a remote DCOM connection. OLEException: Class not registered
Christopher Moeller TI
19 Sep 2000 DCOM Basics: Creating your first DCOM client/server application
Tutorial for setting up a DCOM client/server application
Christopher Moeller TI
7 Jun 2000 In C++ Builder 5, where is the THTML component that used to exist in prior releases?
Upgrade options for THTML
Christopher Moeller FAQ
17 May 2000 SAFEARRAYs Made Easier
This document describes the VCL template classes found in safearry.h with C++ Builder 5 and demonstrates their use to make working with SafeArrays much easier.
Andrew Ames TI
12 Apr 2000 Application Taskbar Button
Performing operations on a VCL application's taskbar button.
Andrew Ames FAQ
5 Apr 2000 Exposing ActiveX Properties By Alain "Lino" Tadros
Making C++Builder ActiveForm Properties Available in other IDEs.
David Intersimone Article
28 Mar 2000 CNet: Leading voice-recognition firms to merge
Lernout & Hauspie agrees to acquire Dragon Systems in stock transaction.
J.D. Hildebrand Article
15 Feb 2000 Changes made to ATL 3.0 in Borland C++Builder 5
Notes on the exact changes made to ATL3.0 for Borland C++Builder 5
Robert West Article
31 Jan 2000 ActiveX and the VCL (part 1) : Introducing the wizards
Discusses the code used and generated by the ActiveX wizards
Andrew Ames TI
31 Jan 2000 ActiveX and the VCL (part 2) : Connecting to ActiveX Servers
Discusses various methods of using ActiveX components.
Andrew Ames TI
7 Jan 2000 How do I pass the OleVariant array in TADOConnection::OpenSchema()
TADOConnection::OpenSchema() params
Anthony Pryor FAQ
17 Nov 1999 C++Builder ActiveX Live Chat Transcript from Nov. 17th, 1999
C++Builder ActiveX Live Chat Transcript from Nov. 17th, 1999
Christine Ellis Article

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