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26 Oct 1999 Outline of C++Builder and the VCL Talk
This the outline for Charlie Calvert's BCB and the VCL Talk
Charles Calvert Article
5 Nov 1999 Creating Custom Components Part I: New Defaults for Native Components
By Neal Ford,
David Intersimone Article
17 Nov 1999 C++Builder ActiveX Live Chat Transcript from Nov. 17th, 1999
C++Builder ActiveX Live Chat Transcript from Nov. 17th, 1999
Christine Ellis Article
18 Jan 2000 Introduction to Component Building by Ray Konopka
This article describes the steps involved in creating a new VCL component and focuses on several key aspects of the VCL architecture upon which all components are built.
David Intersimone Article
15 Feb 2000 Changes made to ATL 3.0 in Borland C++Builder 5
Notes on the exact changes made to ATL3.0 for Borland C++Builder 5
Robert West Article
15 Feb 2000 C++Builder Libraries Live Chat Transcript from Feb. 9th, 2000
Complete transcript from the live C++Builder team chat discussing C++ libraries including STL, RTL, VCL, etc.
Christine Ellis Article
9 Mar 2000 The Entries for the February Programming Contest are Now Available
Take a look at the source code for this excellent crop of submissions. The judges haven't yet decided who the winners are, but the entries are available for your purusal!
Charles Calvert Article
28 Mar 2000 CNet: Leading voice-recognition firms to merge
Lernout & Hauspie agrees to acquire Dragon Systems in stock transaction.
J.D. Hildebrand Article
5 Apr 2000 Freshmeat: Rudiments 0.2
C++ class library provides base classes for daemons, clients, servers, regular expressions, semaphores, signal handling.
J.D. Hildebrand Article
5 Apr 2000 Creating Custom Components Part II: Properties and Button Behavior by Neal Ford
Part II delves deeper into the internal workings of components and discusses two issues: 1) How properties are defined and used, 2) How the Click behavior of buttons works.
David Intersimone Article
5 Apr 2000 Exposing ActiveX Properties By Alain "Lino" Tadros
Making C++Builder ActiveForm Properties Available in other IDEs.
David Intersimone Article
11 Apr 2000 Rogue Wave announces Linux-only components CD
Toolkit includes cross-platform versions of six C++ class libraries.
J.D. Hildebrand Article
13 Apr 2000 Freshmeat: Groundwork 0.4
Open source C++ class library for writing Web-based applications.
J.D. Hildebrand Article
25 Apr 2000 Resolving linker errors when using TMetafileCanvas
Fix for "Unresolved external" errors when using TMetafileCanvas. Involves updating the VCLE50.LIB file
CodeGear Article
2 Jun 2000 Components promise more
Components are theoretical replaceable. But that's asking a lot. By Steve Downey.
Steve Downey Article
7 Jun 2000 IBM developerWorks talks with Mark Grand
A discussion on reusable code and the glue that holds it together.
J.D. Hildebrand Article
22 Jun 2000 Living Apart Together (Delphi and C++ Builder)
In his latest C++Builder lost and found column, Ruurd Pels describes how to call Delphi objects from C++Builder and vice versa.
John Kaster Article
7 Aug 2000 "Live at the Borland Conference" Component Builders Chat Transcript from July 10, 2000
Complete transcript from the live chat held July 10, 2000 at the Borland Conference with component builder experts: Ray Konopka, Ray Lischner, Kent Reisdorph, Danny Thorpe, and Allen Bauer.
Christine Ellis Article
12 Mar 2001 An organizational approach to rapid application development
This article is about creating applications from object hierarchy code instead of starting each app with TForm1. By Roy E. Bourquin.
Borland Developer Support Article
20 Sep 2002 Public Beta: C++Builder 6 Type Library Importer Public Beta 2
This beta consists of an updated type library importer for C++Builder 6
John Kaster Article

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