Welcome to the C++ Multimedia/Graphics Neighborhood

For most programmers there exists a particular technology that propelled them into that field because it excited them so much. A technology so immersive that one cannot wait to spend countless late nights learning everything that is available on that topic. For me, that technology is multimedia, particularly graphics and games programming.
My operating system background was entrenched with the Amiga. And the Amiga was all about multimedia and games. I remember my introduction to the Video Toaster like it was yesterday. I think back to those days fondly because I was so excited about using a computer not only because of what I could do with it but how it was presented. But I honestly couldn't appreciate it until it went away. Commodore had bought Amiga and the future looked bleak for it. I decided to learn DOS (well, everybody else was and I couldn't stand Mac's) and I was thoroughly unexcited. Windows 3.1 was a step in the right direction for what I missed so much from my early years and Windows95 seemed to finally provide a decent API, DirectX, for my main multimedia programming love, games.
The topics I will cover most often in the multimedia group will be Game Development and Graphics programming, particularly OpenGL. I will of course also cover DirectX as it covers the wide range of disciplines in multimedia development. These days I use the BeOS religiously, specifically because of its multimedia capabilities. I would love to cover multimedia-programming topics on the BeOS if there is enough demand from you, the community. If there are other specific topics you would like to see me cover send me email at to make your request. I also invite you to participate in this neighborhood. Contact me for details.




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