Course Outline: CA, California State University at Los Angeles

By: Higher Education

Abstract: CS 454: Java and Internet Programming
California State University
CS 454 (Special Topics)
Java and Internet Programming

Professor Information:
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
California State University, Los Angeles

Office hours: MW 2:30 - 4:00

Course Objective:
This course will introduce computer science students to Java. It will include an introduction to the Java language and its use for both stand-alone applications as well as applets.

Ability to program in a high-level language.


    I. Java Language and Syntax
      1. Basic Java Syntax
      2. I/O
      3. Control Statements
      4. Comparison with C++
      5. JDK

    II. Java Classes and Objects

      1. Introduction to Classes and Objects
      2. Subclasses and Inheritance
      3. Abstract classes and interfaces
      4. Packages

    III. Introduction to Internet Programming with Java

      1. Writing and compiling Java applets
      2. Installing applets on the server

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