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10 Jan 2008 The Complete Guide to ODBC Escape Sequences in InterBase
ODBC Escape Sequences are SQL extension for writing SQL queries which will be compatible with many DBMS. The complete guide includes descriptions and samples for 69 scalar functions and 3 escape sequences.
Andrew Merkulov Contributed Article
6 Oct 2005 BDNradio: 8 Hours of InterBase replay
Listen to the replay of the BDNradio broadcast of 8 hours on InterBase
John Kaster Audio
16 Feb 2005 Documentation for RDB$USERS
RDB$USERS is new system table introduced in InterBase 7.5
Quinn Wildman FAQ
4 Feb 2005 How to compute an age from a birthday
A simple SQL expression to compute an age from a birthday
Quinn Wildman FAQ
4 Feb 2005 Displaying the BLR used for a view, trigger or stored procedure
All request are converted to BLR. Here you learn how to see the BLR under the covers.
Quinn Wildman FAQ
13 Jan 2005 Error: product DATABASE MONITOR is not licensed
This error occurs when querying system temporary tables when using InterBase Desktop
Quinn Wildman FAQ
13 Jan 2005 Documentation for TMP$STATE field in TMP$DATABASE table
The new TMP$STATE field is not documented in the InterBase 7.5 documentation. It is documented here.
Quinn Wildman FAQ
12 Jan 2005 New fields for RDB$DATABASE
New fields introduced into the RDB$DATABASE table for InterBase 7.5
Quinn Wildman FAQ
3 Dec 2004 Addtional information on TMP$HEAPS and TMP$TRIGGERS tables
InterBase 7.5 introduces the 2 new system temporary tables, TMP$HEAPS and TMP$TRIGGERS.
Quinn Wildman TI
3 Dec 2004 Determing the number of metadata changes for a table
The RDB$FORMAT field in the RDB$RELATIONS table contains the number of metadata changes
Quinn Wildman FAQ
2 Dec 2004 ORDER BY now allow fields renamed using AS
A small new feature of InterBase 7.5 that is not documented
Quinn Wildman FAQ
2 Dec 2004 New keywords introduced in InterBase 7.5
A listof just the new keywords introduced in InterBase 7.5.
Quinn Wildman FAQ
2 Dec 2004 CREATE GLOBAL TEMPORARY TABLE documented in Data Definition Guide
CREATE GLOBAL TEMPORARY TABLE is not documented in the Language Reference
Quinn Wildman FAQ
18 Nov 2004 Expression evaluation not supported error when using COALESCE or CASE
The data type of all expressions passed to COALESCE must be the same
Quinn Wildman FAQ
11 Nov 2004 Plan differences with InterBase 7.5
Invalid plans in Stored Procedures did not report errors in the past
Quinn Wildman FAQ
3 Nov 2004 SQL not supported by Embedded SQL
This acticle provides a list of SQL not currently supported by Embedded SQL
Quinn Wildman FAQ
17 Jun 2004 Why You Can't Pass a List to an InterBase SQL Param by Craig Stuntz
When writing a WHERE clause in your InterBase SQL, it would sometimes be convenient to write WHERE FOO IN (:SomeParam) and pass a list of values to SomeParam. You can't do that; here's why.
Craig Stuntz Contributed Article
3 Jun 2004 Stored Procedure to return all dates in a range
A short and simple selectable stored procedure that returns all dates in a range
Quinn Wildman FAQ
28 May 2004 Adding a year to a date
A short stored procedure to add a year to a date
Quinn Wildman FAQ
6 May 2004 Removing nonnumerics from a phone number
A Stored Procedure can used to remove nonnumerics from a string
Quinn Wildman FAQ

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