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23 Jan 2007 DATE, TIME e TIMESTAMP no InterBase
Saiba como trabalhar com os campos data no InterBase
Andreano Lanusse Contributed Article
17 Oct 2006 Autenticação de usuários no banco de dados com InterBase
Como impedir o acesso ao banco de dados em outros servidores ao efetuar a cópia do banco
Andreano Lanusse Contributed Article
9 Jul 2003 How to reset a generator.
A breif description of how to use the GEN_ID function to reset a generator. Plus a link to a document describing how to use the SET GENERATOR statement to do the same,
Ben Matterson FAQ
30 Jun 2003 InterBase Community Tools and Solutions
Third party tools and solutions for InterBase
Aaron Ruddick Article
30 Jun 2003 Locking a record against deletion.
How to ensure that a record is not deleted from a table.
Ben Matterson FAQ
24 Jun 2003 How to use InterBase with Multiple Processors and Multithreaded applications
Information about InterBase with Multiple Processors and Multithreaded applications and tips to get good performance.
Aaron Ruddick TI
17 Jun 2003 InterBase 7.1 DataType to ADO.NET C# Type mappings
InterBase SQL datatypes and C# Object Type mappings using the InterBase Borland Data Provider (BDP).
Aaron Ruddick TI
13 Jun 2003 InterBase 7.1 DataType to InterClient 4.0 Type mappings
Datatype bindings between InterBase and Java types
Aaron Ruddick TI
31 Mar 2003 Seeing the generator value just inserted.
A breif explanation of how to see the generatro value you just inserted.
Ben Matterson FAQ
31 Mar 2003 Starting transactions in Stored Procedures and User Defined Functions
A brief explanation why you cannot start transactions in stored procedures and user defined functions.
Ben Matterson FAQ
31 Mar 2003 User names and number.
A quick answer on how to get a list of connected users.
Ben Matterson FAQ
31 Mar 2003 "Cannot transliterate" error
A possible reason for getting a "Cannot transliterate character between character sets"
Ben Matterson FAQ
28 Mar 2003 Inaccurate fractions.
A brief description why fractional numbers retrieved from InterBase may differ from the number stored.
Ben Matterson FAQ
27 Mar 2003 Migrating to InterBase.
An overview on how to transfer data to InterBase from another database.
Ben Matterson FAQ
4 Mar 2003 Known Causes of Corruption in InterBase Databases
InterBase is, in general, a very stable database server and corruption is rare. When corruption does occur, then, it is important to determine the cause of the corruption. This article describes circumstances that can cause corruption.
Craig Stuntz Contributed Article
17 Dec 2002 InterBase 7 for Linux Database File Size Limitation
12/17/02 To prevent corruption you should limit your database size to 4 GB
Quinn Wildman FAQ
27 Nov 2002 InterBase PLANalyzer 1.1 Released
InterBase PLANalyzer is a free tool to optimize IB SQL and metadata. Version 1.1 adds support for IB 5.6-7, query cancellation, syntax highlighting, and more.
Craig Stuntz Contributed Article
15 Oct 2002 Aborting record deletion in a trigger.
How to abort deletion of a record based on some criterion.
Ben Matterson FAQ
25 Jun 2002 Renaming a table
How can I rename a table in my database?
Ben Matterson FAQ
21 Jun 2002 Creating a primary key when your table has no unique records
Describes a simple technique to add a key regardless of the format of your data
Quinn Wildman FAQ

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