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5 Dec 2008 Video: Connecting to Blackfish SQL, InterBase and DataSnap with Delphi Prism
Video Replay from the CodeRage III Virtual Conference
Tim DelChiaro Video
3 Sep 2008 ODBC or OLE DB? Choosing a driver for InterBase and Firebird.
Having Firebird and Interbase databases as the examples, there are some tips that can help choosing the access provider.
Andrew Merkulov Contributed Article
23 Jun 2006 Automatic updates for QualityCentral reports
We are getting ready to turn automatic updates on for QualityCentral from "RAID", our internal bug tracking system. If you get update notifications for QC, please read this notice
John Kaster Article
24 Feb 2005 "Unexpect output buffer value" error when fetching user list using IBConsole
A security database with many user will generate this error
Quinn Wildman FAQ
14 Dec 2004 IB_PROTOCOL environmental variable introduced in InterBase 7.5
IB_PROTOCOL allows you to specify the default InterBase server port to connect.
Quinn Wildman FAQ
3 Nov 2004 Roles not working
Older versions of InterBase SQL Links driver do not support roles
Quinn Wildman FAQ
3 Sep 2004 UpdateConflictException and LockConflictException are never raised by InterClient
These exceptions are documented in the InterClient documentation, but are never raised. SQLException for which both are derived from is raised instead.
Quinn Wildman FAQ
26 Aug 2003 Procedure .... does not return any values
Checking the Execute Proc check box in the DSN resolves the problem
Quinn Wildman FAQ
15 Jul 2003 TIBEvents compont generates error Database name is missing
When the registered property is set to true in the IDE the error Error reading IBEvents1.Registered: Database name is missing occurs
Quinn Wildman FAQ
7 Jul 2003 BDNtv: ASP.NET datagrid design with C#Builder
This simple example shows how you can use C#Builder to rapidly create a data-aware ASP.NET application with minimal coding efforts
John Kaster Video
7 Jul 2003 BDNtv: Parameterized queries with ASP.NET in C#Builder
This example demonstrates how to create an ASP.NET application that uses a Calendar to drive the values for a parameterized query to a sales table
John Kaster Video
7 Jul 2003 BDNtv: Creating a master-detail WinForm with C#Builder
This example shows how to use C#Builder to create a master/detail DataGrid application for .NET WinForms using C#Builder
John Kaster Video
3 Jul 2003 BDNtv: Simple Database Development with C#Builder
Learn how to create a .NET database application in C#Builder without writing any code
John Kaster Video
30 Jun 2003 The purpose of parameterized queries.
A breif description of the advantage of prameterized queries over regular queries.
Ben Matterson FAQ
30 Jun 2003 Windows 95, InterBase server IP address, and "unavailable database".
A cause for "unavailable database" when using an IPAddress in an InterBase connection string under Windows 95.
Ben Matterson FAQ
26 May 2003 Microsoft and Borland Webcasts
Microsoft and Borland present Borland solutions for the Microsoft .NET framework
John Kaster Article
27 Mar 2003 Blob storage
Techniques for storing data in blob fields.
Ben Matterson FAQ
27 Feb 2003 Public beta: Quality Central browser client
The QualityCentral web client public beta has started. You are welcome to participate.
John Kaster Article
17 Jan 2003 Accessing InterBase via dbExpress with Kylix produces error: Unable to load
This FAQ provides a possible solution to the error "Unable to load" when accessing an InterBase database via dbExpress with Kylix
Tom Gardner FAQ
10 Dec 2002 Javadoc for InterClient 3.0
Latest InterClient Documentation for the InterClient 3.0 which shipped and Works with InterBase 7.0. This documentation is more recent than the one on InterBase 7.0 CD.
Borland Staff TI

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