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25 Aug 2009 3D Scanning - A New View On Things
3D scanning is the art of converting the geometric essence of tangible objects and or scenes into numerical data. Like most other vision technologies have done in the past, the impact of 3D scanning on business, industry and society can be profound. This article provides a brief overview on 3D scanning technology as well as an introduction to a new 3D scanner application called GRASP that was created with Delphi.
B.J. Rao Article
16 Jan 2006 2006 PGD Annual 'The Big Boss' Game Programming Competition
Details about this year's game programming competition being held over at
Dominique Louis Contributed Article
30 May 2001 OpenGL with Delphi
Get acquainted with OpenGL 3D graphics programming with this cookbook approach for Delphi developers. By Alex Semichastny.
Alexei Semichastny Contributed Article

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