JBuilder 2008 Swing Designer Screencasts

By: David Intersimone

Abstract: This article contains links to several JBuilder Swing Designer screencasts created by Jeff Anders, CodeGear's Product Marketing Manager for JBuilder.

Video presentations by: Jeff Anders, JBuilder Product Marketing Manager

The new Swing Designer in JBuilder 2008 saves developers time and effort in creating GUI interfaces for their applications. The new Swing Designer allows developers to focus on creating application‐specific functionality rather than coding the low‐level logic of the graphical user interface.

JBuilder’s comprehensive UI construction tools enable rapid development of Java Swing and AWT applications. The visual designer, wizards, editors, and intelligent layout assistance support the most popular controls and layout managers. Swing Designer provides full bi‐directional code generation ensuring that the visual design and the source remain in 100% synchronization.

Additional information about the Swing Designer can be found in the JBuilder 2008 Reviewers Guide.  You can also find additional information on the JBuilder product page.

    Swing Designer Screencasts

Several screencasts are presented showing different aspects of using the JBuilder 2008 Swing Designer to create Swing based user interfaces. The screencasts cover creating menus, action events, form and group layouts, and using visual form inheritance.  The screencasts are presented using Flash (SWF) format.  You can watch and also download the screencasts using the links provided in each section.

    Creating A Simple UI

    Watch (SWF format, duration: 5 minutes and 3 seconds)

    Download (ZIP format, 43.1mb)

    Creating Menus

    Watch (SWF format, duration: 2 minutes and 11 seconds)

    Download (ZIP format, 24.3mb)

    Creating Action Events

    Watch (SWF format, duration: 9 minutes and 25 seconds)

    Download (ZIP format, 41.0mb)

    Templates And Morphing

    Watch (SWF format, duration: 7 minutes and 17 seconds)

    Download (ZIP format, 54.2mb)

    Using Form Layout and Localization

    Watch (SWF format, duration: 8 minutes and 51 seconds)

    Download (ZIP format, 79.6mb)

    Using Group Layout

    Watch (SWF format, duration: 4 minutes and 6 seconds)

    Download (ZIP format, 28.0mb)

    Visual Inheritance

    Watch (SWF format, duration: 8 minutes and 49 seconds)

    Download (ZIP format, 84.2mb)

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