About QualityCentral

By: David Intersimone

Abstract: This article contains information about QualityCentral, the Embarcadero Developer Network feature request and bug reporting system.


QualityCentral provides a community process for resolving, clarifying, and tracking quality issues regarding Embarcadero's products and services. Embarcadero Developer Network members can create bug reports and feature requests, view other members' reports, and comment and vote on the reports most important to them. Embarcadero personnel also participate in QualityCentral, providing a permanent link between Embarcadero customers and the teams who produce Embarcadero's products.

    The QualityCentral Web Client

This version of the QualityCentral Web Client was built with the following tools, code and technologies:

The application is made up mostly of a large collection of user controls, and a special templatized ASP.NET component called "TemplatePage". You'll note that the page name always remains the same, and that the pages differ only because of the URL. User controls are defined for each of the different pages, and inserted in the the main portion of the page depending upon what the URL defines. The header, footer, and Navigation menu are all user controls as well. This allows us to add any number of pages to the application simply by creating a user control and adding code to handle that particular page.

Many people contributed to the building and testing of this application, including John Kaster, Rudy Velthuis, Paul Furbacher, Gillmer Derge, John McGrath, Yorai Aminov, Robert Love, Craig Stuntz, and of course the community members who use Quality Central to report the bugs in it.

    Community Rankings and Project Status

The QualityCentral statistics engine prototype is available for feedback. You can look at the current version by going to https://qc.embarcadero.com/stats. We want your feedback, and the various stats pages all have links to help you make bug reports and feature requests directly into QualityCentral. Click the "about" page for information on how we're building the statistics engine, and read the announcement on EDN for further information.

    QualityCentral Documentation


There is a "QualityCentral" project already listed in QualityCentral. Please use the client interface area for reporting issues , and try to exercise all features of QualityCentral in the client environment. You can report bugs on:

  • The clients
  • The web server (browser) interface
  • The web service

    Changing your password

You can change your password by using our membership services.

    QualityCentral Newsgroup

You can also discuss QualityCentral with other users in the Embarcadero QualityCentral newsgroup.

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