JDataStore installed with JBuilderX returns error "Unlicensed copy of JDataStore"

By: Tom Gardner

Abstract: Here is a workaround for the error to register JDataStore with JBuilderX.

JDataStore installed with JBuilderX will work fine until you run the JDataStore License Manager. As soon as the License Manager is run it creates an empty jdatastore.license file. After this empty file is created any connections from JBuilderX return the error:

Unlicensed copy of JDataStore.
Use the License Manager in the JDataStore Explorer to register JDataStore.
jdatastore.license files found in:

The workaround is to delete the empty jdatastore.license file, then extract the correct JDataStore Development license, jdatastore.license, from <drive>:\JBuilderX\lib\jdserver.jar to the <drive>:\JBuilderX\lib\ directory.

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