Press Release: Crystal Decisions Reporting Technology Within Reach of Borland JBuilder Developers

By: Tim Del Chiaro

Abstract: Crystal Reports empowers Java developers to build business applications with award winning reporting tools

PALO ALTO, CA -- November 18, 2003 -- Crystal Decisions, a leading global provider of business intelligence software and services, today announced that Crystal Reports for Borland® JBuilder® will be integrated with Borland® Enterprise Studio 7 for Java™ and Borland JBuilder® X Enterprise.

Shipping inside the box of both Borland Enterprise Studio 7 for Java™ and JBuilder X Enterprise, Crystal Reports for JBuilder simplifies and accelerates the process of embedding Crystal Reports inside JavaServer™ Pages (JSPs). Crystal Decisions' 100% Java Reporting Component is also included to process and render dynamic reports within J2EE™ applications. An interactive zero-client viewer is included for customized end-user report interaction - including drill-down, exporting and printing functions. A custom tag library is also included for developers to rapidly integrate report viewing from within their J2EE applications.

"We are pleased to join Borland in their effort to improve the productivity of Java application developers," said Andrew Handford, vice president of products at Crystal Decisions. "Enterprise developers recognize that embedded reporting is a fundamental requirement for all custom application development projects. Our relationship with Borland - which includes integration with both the JBuilder and Borland C#Builder™ for the Microsoft® .NET Framework Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) - is designed to bring industry-standard embedded reporting technology within reach of application developers across all development languages, deployment platforms, and database architectures."

Commenting on the announcement, George Paolini, vice president and general manager of Java solutions at Borland, said, "With JBuilder X and our Enterprise Studio 7 for Java solutions, our goal is to enhance the productivity of enterprise Java development teams. As part of this effort, we made it easier for developers to include Crystal Reports within their enterprise applications."

Independent research conducted by TRG Research confirms that Crystal Reports is the most popular reporting technology across both J2EE and .NET development communities. These results are especially compelling for the Java community, where 47% of Java developers are still hand-coding reports from scratch. With more than 15 million licenses shipped to date, Crystal Decisions delivers a standard, cross-platform solution for embedded and enterprise reporting as an entry point to including business intelligence into enterprise applications; allowing a wider audience to benefit from unlocking the value of data within enterprise applications.

"The business needs of end-users are often not factored into the presentation of application data," continued Handford. "Crystal Decisions and Borland have worked closely together to create a productive experience for Java developers and Web designers alike. When data connectivity and presentation are not hard coded into the application, web designers may more easily modify the content to add more end user manipulation capabilities without impacting core application code. This also helps to make the business logic easier to maintain and the application more resilient in managing ever-changing user requirements."

Borland JBuilder X Enterprise and Borland Enterprise Studio 7 for Java customers will also receive a customized edition of Crystal Decisions' popular report design environment for generating new reports as part of their enterprise applications. The Java Reporting Component is compatible with existing Crystal Reports RPT files, and deploys to leading J2EE application servers such as BEA® WebLogic® and IBM® WebSphere®, as well as Apache™ Tomcat.

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Crystal Decisions is a leading global provider of business intelligence software and services with more than 15 million licenses shipped. Since 1984, Crystal Decisions has powered winning organizations with one of the fastest ways for employees, partners and customers to access the information they need to make the best decisions and ultimately reduce costs and increase productivity. The Crystal brand is among the most trusted names in enterprise reporting and more than 360 Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) have standardized on Crystal Decisions' solutions. Headquartered in Palo Alto, Calif., Crystal Decisions has more than 30 offices worldwide and can be found on the Internet at

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