Getting Started with JDataStore

By: Sergio Cardoso

Abstract: Resources on how to get up-to-speed with JDataStore.

JDataStore 6

You will find that JDataStore is a very powerful, very fast, all-Java database. It is excellent for
applications that will be installed in many locations, particularly locations where there is no database
administrator or IT support. It is also excellent for mission-specific applications that support complex
business logic and thousands of users.

To help you get started using JDataStore, please refer to the following chapters in the documentation
files that are posted for download at

  JDBC Quickstart
  Using JDBC for Data Access

For access to an HTML version of the Online Documentation select the
JDataStore Developer's Guide from the JBuilder 9 Documentation:

Trial Edition

Whats New in JDataStore 6.05

JDS Server can run as a service or a daemon
Users can now choose to have JDataStore run as a service on Windows NT4/2000/XP or as a
daemon on Linux and Solaris. This feature enables automatic start up of the database when the
host computer is booted and further simplifies administration in production environments where
there is no database administrator or IT support.

Updated AWT-based JBCL library
New AWT components help developers use rich controls with data binding capabilities on small
footprint devices. Although Swing-based components deliver a high level of functionality, they are
"heavy" and require more memory and processing power than small footprint devices provide.
The new AWT-based components solve this, enabling drag and drop development
of data-bound controls such as grids, lists, text input controls, etc.

New DataExpress provider-resolver examples
New DataExpress provider-resolvers examples are provided that help developers accelerate the
writing of applications that access data on a Web Server through an HTTP or HTTPS connection.
Sample projects are provided to show how the new components are used in an application.

New Documentation
All new documentation is provided that provides a more comprehensive explanation of JDataStore's
features and functionality and how to use them. Look at the  "JDBC Quickstart" and "Using JDBC
for Data Access" tutorials to get productive quickly.

On-line Technical Support

The Borland Developer Site hosts a JDataStore neighborhood at
where you can access a variety of documents including detailed white papers and shorter TIs that
describe technical information about JDataStore


Technical Overview

Feature Matrix

System Requirements


eWeek, Dec. 12. 2002: Borland JDataStore Blazes in Benchmark

Article describing results for grueling SPECjAppServer2001 Benchmark.
JDataStore is the only all-Java database to publish benchmark results!,3960,95,00.asp


Introduction to Borlands Embedded Databases
On-Line Presentation @

White papers and other documentation:

SQL Support in JDataStore,1410,29281,00.html

JDataStore Licensing
Summary of the terms and conditions of use of the JDataStore Software
contained in the "click-through" license that accompanies the software.,1410,29834,00.html

Creating a Table with JDataStore,1410,29351,00.html

Using JDataStore 6 as a Mobile Database on Wireless Devices

Modeling/Prototyping within the ControlCenter Environment with JDataStore,1410,29760,00.html

How to Provide ODBC Access to a JDataStore Database,1410,29929,00.html

Stored Procedures and UDFs with JDataStore

Crash Recovery in JDataStore,1410,29193,00.html

The JDataStore Advantage
Article from JBuilder Developers Journal re JDataStore 3

WebBench - A Tool for Exploring JDataStore Performance,1410,22058,00.html


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