InterBase Performance Monitor 1.1 Released

By: Craig Stuntz

Abstract: InterBase Performance Monitor provides a user-friendly interface for InterBase 7's performance monitoring and administration features. You can easily watch and control who is using resources on your InterBase server.

InterBase Performance Monitor is a free utility which assists in administering an InterBase 7 server. The tool allows you to easily see (and optionally alter) who and what is consuming resources on your InterBase 7 server.

  • Commit or rollback any transaction in the database from a single application.
  • Cancel a user's current operation or drop their connection completely.
  • Monitor active statements and cancel them if necessary.
  • See details of memory use.
  • See continuously updated database header statistics.
  • Monitor the sweep.
  • Determine which procedures, tables, and views are in use, and whether or not indexes are being used.

InterBase Performance Monitor is easy to use and free! It requires InterBase 7 server, and will only work with databases created/restored by InterBase 7.


New Features in Version 1.1

  • Monitoring now uses less server resources.
  • Memory tab can now display as a graph with history or a grid with more detail.
  • Logging feature allows saving snapshots of DB/server state to tables in your database.
  • Elapsed time column added to Statements and Transactions tabs.
  • Added ability to display the interbase.log file from the currently connected server and statistics from current database.
  • Added preliminary Help.
  • Improved icons and Windows XP support.
  • A few bugs were fixed. The most important was fixing incorrect numbers appearing in the memory grid.

InterBase Performance Monitor 1.1 may be downloaded from CodeCentral.

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