Public Beta: C++Builder 6 Type Library Importer Public Beta 2

By: John Kaster

Abstract: This beta consists of an updated type library importer for C++Builder 6

Description of Public Beta

This beta fixes code generation when importing type libraries. Interface chaining, wrapped interface parameter lists, Missing left parenthesis, and incorrect interface pointers are now correctly generated.

Bugs Fixed/New Features

The two primary bugs fixed are: - Generated wrapped interfaces could be missing the last parameter. - Code generation for interface chaining in some cases was completely broken.

Downloading the beta

Because this is a public beta, you must agree to a disclaimer before downloading the file containing the update. When you attempt to download the file, you will be asked if you agree to the disclaimer. The file is then streamed directly from the web server. This streaming process normally prevents auto-resuming the file with a download manager. The file is currently 192.9K. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause if your download gets interrupted.

You can download this file from CodeCentral. The direct link to download the file is The zip file download is 192.9K.

This file may be updated from time to time, and you can look at the detail listing for the file to find out when it was last updated, or any other specific notes regarding changes to this beta.


Because this is a beta version, you should back up the current, shipping version of the files you will be replacing with the files contained in this beta so you can restore them without having to re-install the entire product.

Special installation instructions

To install the update close C++Builder 6.0, rename the file \bin\tlib60.bpl so you have a backup and then copy this tlib60.bpl into the bin directory. Both importing from the IDE and from the command line using tlibimp.exe use this package and will be updated.


Borland is planning to release a certified version of this beta software in the future. We are providing it as a public beta to have as broad a base as possible for testing it before we certify it. This is specifically why we have made this file available for our customers to download.

Special testing instructions

If the code generated by the shipping type library importer is not compiling or is having problems when calling methods, then reimport the control using this beta and recompile your application. If you run into errors, please try to produce a test case and put it in QualityCentral.


We have performed tests to verify that the software you may be downloading and testing works as intended. However, you may still encounter problems with using this version of the software. It has not yet been certified. Please read the disclaimer you see when downloading the file very carefully, as it provides details on Borland's legal position with respect to this public beta.

Specific warnings:

tlib60.bpl is provided as-is.


Please use QualityCentral to provide feedback on this beta in the COM/ActiveX project area. If you are unable to use the currently available QualityCentral clients, use the borland.public.cppbuilder.activex newsgroup. If you cannot access our newsgroups with a conventional newsgroup reader, you can use a browser to access this newsgroup at

If you encounter problems with this beta product, please provide as much detail as possible in a QualityCentral report, or in a newsgroup message if you can't use QualityCentral yet, including the platform you are running on and steps to reproduce the problem.

If you are uncertain how to configure newsgroup access, please refer to Borland's newsgroup reference pages.

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