Delphi Coloring Pages

By: Earl F. Glynn

Abstract: Several pages in efg's Computer Lab and Reference Library contain a number of resources about color, including examples and projects in Delphi. This article is a summary of these color resources.

Information about using color in Delphi can be found on the Delphi Graphics Algorithms:  Color page.  Some of the topics on that page include:

  • Alpha Blending
  • Color Gradients
  • Color Quantization/Color Reduction
  • Color Spaces, Conversions
  • Display Mode Colors
  • Gamma Correction
  • GetDeviceCaps
  • Color Conversion
  • Gray Scale
  • Hue / Saturation
  • Palettes (Creation, Examples)
  • Spectrum/Rainbow
  • System Colors

Information about color-related Run Time Library (RTL) routines (e.g., ColorToRGB, GetRValue, PaletteRGB, etc.) is on the Delphi Graphics:  VCL and RTL page in the Delphi Reference Library

Several Lab Reports, complete with Delphi source code, deal with various aspects of color:


  Palette Lab

  The Gervautz-Purgathofer Octree Color Quantization algorithm was adapted from Jeff Prosise's "Wicked Code" in the October 1997 Microsoft Systems Journal in the ShowDemoOne and ShowDemoMany Lab Reports.  (These projects only display pf24bit bitmaps in 256 color mode -- they do not convert a bitmap to pf8bit PixelFormat.)


Color Science/Color Theory

   Additive/Subtractive Colors

   Maxwell Triangle

   CIE Chromaticity Charts


Color Spaces


  Show Image:  Show RGB, HSV, HLS, or CMYK Color Coordinates, Planes and Histograms

   RGB / HSV

   RGB / YUV

   Pixel Profile:  RGB or HSV Pixel Profile in Image



Color Range:  Select/exclude range of colors and replace with specified color

  Cycle Colors with pf24bit bitmap

   Spectra Lab Report

Still want to know more about Color?  Many more (non-Delphi) links to color resources are on these pages:

Color Reference Library

- General Color Information

- Color Science/Theory

- Color and Computers

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