Uninstall IB 4.0 or 5.1 for SCO Open Server 5.0

By: Borland Staff

Abstract: Step by step instructions for uninstalling

I received InterBase 5.5 for SCO Open Server 5.0 
and need to uninstall an earlier version of InterBase

Please provide the steps to remove the earlier version 
of InterBase for SCO Open Server 5.0

This information applies to:
IB 4.0 or 5.1 for SCO Open Server 5.0

Click on the Software Administration Icon
Click on the Software Manager Icon
This will provide you with a listing of all software installed on your machine.

Highlight the InterBase program you would like to remove.
e.g.)  InterBase relational DBMS (ver V4.0_SS)

Click on Software located in the menu bar.
Prompt: Are you sure you want to remove this software?
Displayed in the Dialog Box will be as an example:  
InterBase relational DBMS (ver V4.0_SS)
If this is correct,
Click the Remove button

Prompt: Removal complete
Click the OK button

Prompt: Display of all remaining software installed 

To exit:
Click on Host and arrow down to exit

Please verify that the directory   /usr/interbase  no longer exists.  (ls /usr/interbase).  If it does,
please save any files you wish to preserve from /usr/interbase to another directory, and
then remove the directory   /usr/interbase   (rm -rf   /usr/interbase).

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