Do I need Local InterBase on the client machines along with my BDE application?

By: Borland Staff

Abstract: The Client is installed for free. You must purchase licenses for local InterBase

Do I need to install Local Interbase on the client machines, or does InstallShield install the necessary 
parts on the client machine to allow them to use the local database?


Depending which version of Delphi you are using (the Professional or the Enterprise version) here 
is what the InstallShield version of both is able to do in terms of distributing and installing InterBase along 
with applications:


InstallShield Express distributes applications, the BDE and a local version of the InterBase SQL Link driver
(remote connections are not permitted).  It does not distribute any of the other SQL Link drivers (DLL's).
As such the BDE engine can only access ASCII, Paradox, dBASE and local InterBase files directly.  Contact
Inprise Corp. for information on obtaining the remote InterBase SQL Links driver.  The BDE can also go
through ODBC drivers, but InstallShield Express does not automatically distribute ODBC drivers.


In the Enterprise version of Delphi and C++ Builder the InstallShield Express has all of the capabilities that are present 
in the Professional version plus some added capabilities.  The SQL Link drivers can optionally be bundled 
in with the BDE, this includes the remote SQL Link driver for InterBase.  When the InterBase SQL Link
driver is included in the distributable install, the InterBase Client software is automatically bundled in as
part of the SQL Link.

The InterBase Client software is freely distributable with no royalties required and no copy limitations.

To distribute the Local InterBase Server requires obtaining the InterBase Deployment Kit which will license 
the purchaser to be able to distribute the Local InterBase Server to up to 20 seats or 100 seats depending 
on the Deployment kit that is purchased.

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