Getting error "character set xxxx not defined" when connecting to a database

By: Borland Staff

Abstract: Resolved in InterBase 5.5.

When trying to connect to database after setting the character set, 
WISQL or ISQL returns error "character set xxx not defined".  

Check if the following scenerio matches your problem:

* You have a database with a character set.  Something like this:

sql>create database "c:tempinternational.gdb" default character set 

* In another  isql session, attempt to connect to the database.

sql>set names win1252;
sql>connect "c:tempinternational.gdb";

* It will error out with this:

"bad parameters on attach or create database
-CHARACTER SET WIN1252 is not defined"

*  And you are using InterBase version WI-V5.1.1.680.

If your problem matches the above case, this is due to a bug on IB version WI-V5.1.1.680.
This problem is fixed in version WI-V5.5.737.

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