Delphi Multimedia and Graphics Neighborhood Overview

By: Charles Calvert

Abstract: This article provides an introduction to the Delphi Multimedia and Graphics neighborhood

Multimedia and Graphics Overview

Welcome to the Delphi Multimedia and Graphics neighborhood. My name is Charlie Calvert and I am the Borland liason for this neighborhood. You can write me if you have suggestions about how to improve or expand this site.

As a programmar, I have two main interests:

  1. One is in database programming, which I pursue avidly, since it helps keep me employeed.
  2. The other interest is in graphics programming, which I pursue with at least equal fervor, since it helps keep me sane.

Here in the M&G neighborhood I get to pursue my main passion, which is graphics programming. Hopefully this is also one of your interests, and so you too will find this a favorite place to frequent for either practical or diversionary purposes.

Multimedia and Graphics is a big topic, and the title of this neighborhood was chosen to cover as broad as possible a range of pleasurable diversions, passions, and reasons for staying alive. Certainly DirectX topics such as DirectDraw and Direct3D are important features of this site. Other hot technologies such as OpenGL will also be covered up here. But this is a very big community, and other interests such as streaming video, creating AVI files, creating music, or simply playing back sound files are also subjects which find a natural home in this neighborhood.

If you would like to contribute to this site, or if you have suggestions on ways to improve the site, please drop me a line. This neighborhood, perhaps even more than any of the others, should definitely be a place where you feel at home. This is the place where programmers with the true spirit can be themselves with their own kind. Hopefully any impediments to creativity and productivity will be banished from this site, and we can just be ourselves, aiming to get real work done while the opportunity is ripe.

Here is an article containing links to key Delphi game programmer sites: Delphi Game Links

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