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17 Dec 2002 LogB dir property of JDataStore TxManager.
Setting the LogB dir property has no effect.
Ben Matterson FAQ
17 Oct 2002 Accessing data with missing log files.
You can access your datastore even if the log files are missing by using a read-only connection.
Ben Matterson FAQ
17 Oct 2002 Crash recovery in JDataStore
How JDatStore recovers from failures, including media failures.
Ben Matterson FAQ
17 Oct 2002 Transactional Store Crash Recovery
Suggestions for recovering a transactional store after a crash or failure.
Ben Matterson FAQ
12 Oct 1999 JDataStore and disk space reuse.
A transactional DataStore will not reuse disk spce until delete transactions are committed.
Ben Matterson FAQ

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