Embarcadero Database NewsFlash - January 2015

By: Tim DelChiaro

Abstract: Latest news, information and offers for DBAs and SQL Developers

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January 2015

WEBINAR: January 13  Find it. Fix it. Real-World SQL Tuning Cases with Karen Morton

There are many ways to find SQL that is performing poorly. The hard part is what to do with a bad SQL statement once you have it. In this webinar, several real-world examples will be reviewed to help you learn how to evaluate poorly performing SQL. Each example will demonstrate a commonly occurring SQL performance problem and provide a method to solve it.

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WHITE PAPER: Managing Third Party Databases and Building Your Data Warehouse

Companies are continually faced with managing a growing and sometimes disparate suite of third party applications and tools and the underlying databases that support them. Good data is especially important if you’ve been tasked with building out and maintaining your organization’s data warehouse. This white paper addresses how to handle challenges in building a data warehouse from third party application databases.

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SPECIAL OFFER: DB PowerStudio Bundle – All the tools you need, at a great price

Embarcadero DB PowerStudio XE6 gives you everything you need to build and maintain mission-critical database applications at an unprecedented price point. Available in DBA and SQL Developer editions, DB PowerStudio includes popular tools like DBArtisan, DB Optimizer, DB Change Manger and Rapid SQL. Give us a call at 1-888-233-2224 or click below for more information.

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WHITE PAPER: IDC Analyst Connection  How to Map Complex Data Landscapes

In today’s enterprise data environment, businesses are dealing with a larger volume of data that has expanded in its variety and velocity, and must assess how to integrate the new ‘big data’ with their existing relational assets. In this analyst report, Carl Olofson shares his insights on the challenges, strategies, and benefits of working with complex data landscapes.

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ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: Overcoming the Top SQL Server Mistakes Seen in the Field

Whether you want to do a quick check-up of your system or a full overhaul, these are must-see tips to make sure your system works smoothly. Tim Radney and Mike Walsh, SQL Server MVP's and frequent speakers at technical conferences, share the common issues they encounter when performing WellDBA™ exams (a thorough health and wellness examination of your SQL Server environment).

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