Embarcadero Database Tools Portfolio

By: Tim DelChiaro

Abstract: Discover the Benefits of the Ultimate Cross-Platform Database Tools

    The Right Tools are Everything

    Discover the Benefits of the Ultimate Cross-Platform Database Tools

With the surge of technical and crowdsourcing innovation the evidence of data volume, velocity and variety increases exponentially everyday. Harnessing the data, managing it and making it consumable to drive business goals are just a few of the challenges that database professionals face on a daily basis. Having the "right" database tools helps with being proactive and making timely decisions.

Embarcadero's heterogeneous tools enable customers to design, build, and run their databases and applications in the environments they choose, free from the constraints, costs, and learning curves associated with multiple platform-specific tools.

Database Portfolio Ecosystem ER/Studio Business Architect ER/Studio Data Architect ER/Studio Team Server ER/Studio Team Server Rapid SQL DB Optimizer DB Optimizer DBArtisan DB Change Manager ER/Studio Team Server ER/Studio DB PowerStudio DB PowerStudio


  • Leveraging enterprise data as an organizational asset
  • A single interface for working across different databases
  • Comprehensive data modeling tool suite with forward and reverse engineering for relational and big data platforms
  • Extensive model and metadata collaboration, including enterprise glossary and data source repository
  • Visual diagnostics that pinpoint problematic queries and determine best solutions
  • Robust analytics which provide insight into database health

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